Say Hello to an Exciting Breakfast Idea

Are you getting bored of having a bowl of cereals every morning? Although a bowl of cereals give the body its needed nutrients having the same thing over and over again can be tiring or shall we say unappetising. Maybe it is time to makeover your breakfast meals. If during the weekdays you only have the time to pour cereals and milk in a bowl for your morning meals, maybe you can make your weekend breakfasts a little bit more interesting. You can impress your loved one or even yourself with this breakfast idea. If you love bacon and eggs like most do then you would simply love this recipe. You probably are thinking fried bacon strips, sunny side up egg and toasted bread. But such is a common breakfast recipe. Let us add some excitement to your weekend breakfast meals

The Idea

Deviled Eggs Topped with Bacon What You Would Need
  • Hard boiled eggs – The idea is one egg for each person. But if you are serving some to young children, each of them should just have half an egg. Remove the shells of the egg and cut them in half. Lengthwise of course. Scoop out the yolk.
  • Cheddar cheese – If you have shredded cheddar cheese then you have spared yourself from the task of shredding the cheese. You would need about 2 tablespoons.
  • Mayo – You would need about a quarter cup. If you don’t like mayo, then you can skip it.
  • Bacon bits– Have about 2 tablespoons for filling and garnish.
  • Scallion – Just a small one would do. have it thinly sliced. Put aside some of it for garnishing.
  • Argan oil – You can use it as a drizzle.

Getting Started

Now that you have everything you need, it is time to prepare the deviled eggs topped with bacon bits! Preparing this recipe is so easy even for people who are strangers to kitchen. You will not even break a sweat. In about ten minutes you would be done with the preparation. That’s how quickly you can make this!
  • Step 1. Get a small bowl that can hold your egg yolks, mayo, cheddar cheese, bacon bits and scallions. Go on and get mixing. Be sure to mix them well.
  • Step 2. It’s time to fill up your egg white halves with the yolk mixture you just did. Place the now filled in egg whites on a platter and garnish with some scallions and bacon bits. You can serve this right away or refrigerate first.
  • Drizzle with a few drops of Argan oil right before serving! This oil would hit your taste buds with an extra nutty flavour!
Not only is this oil a tasty additional flavour, it is also a healthy oil! This is indeed a great breakfast idea that would not only tickle your taste buds. You can surprise your loved one and family members with this bacon and egg breakfast recipe. Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up to such a surprise?