Say No More to Ordinary Pot Roast

Tired of eating ordinary pot roast? Why don’t you give your pot roast an Italian twist? This new flavour will tickle your palate. If you love Italian dishes you simply can not resist this tasty meal.

The Italian pot roast recipe is quite simple to do. Although you would need at most 8 hours to cook this dish, all those hours is worth the trouble. If you would be serving this to your family for supper, you might want to start early as once the aroma of this dish starts wafting, you may get incessant badgering for a taste of the dish from well everyone. You may even be tempted to have one taste too many while waiting for the meat to be tender. One thing for sure is this dish is mouthwatering.

Pot Roast with an Italian Twist

Before your mouth waters too much here is how to prepare this molto delizioso pot roast

What You Will Need

  • Beef – Pick the boneless chuck roast. About 2 and a half pounds or a kilo would do.
  • Sweet Pepper Pasta Sauce – You will need 1 jar of the 24-ouncer.
  • Carrots – You will need 3 large ones. Cut them into chunks about 1 and a half inch thick.
  • Onion – Pick a large one and cut it into half-moons.
  • Argan Oil – You will just need a few drizzles.

The Cooking Part

This dish is so easy to do! In 3 simple steps and a few hours of waiting, you would be ready to serve a delicious supper!

  • Step 1. Wash the beef, carrots and onions in water.
  • Step 2. Pour in the sweet pepper pasta sauce, the beef, onion and carrots in a pot and do a gentle stirring.
  • Step 3. Cook in high or low setting. If you cook in high setting, cooking time will be about 6 hours while the low setting takes about 8 hours. Occasionally do some gentle stirring.

While waiting for the Italian pot roast to cook, you can open a bottle of wine and enjoy some reading or you can watch TV or even go about preparing the table. Eight hours is a long time to just be standing in the kitchen beside the stove so take advantage of this time in your hands.

Once the beef is very tender and the sauce is thick and rich, the pot roast is ready to be served. Right before serving add a nutty flavour to this dish by drizzling Argan oil on it. The great thing about this liquid gold from Morocco is that it contains unsaturated essential fatty acids. Essential fatty acids help protect the heart from serious diseases and aid in brain development. Not only will you be giving your dish an extra flavour, you will be giving your body a healthy boost too!

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