Say No More to Wrinkles!

When young women, those who are in their teens, talk about skin care the topic is mostly about how to get rid of pimples, how to avoid getting them and how to get rid of the scars they leave. But when women in their 20s and above talk about skin care their most concern is about how to get rid and avoid wrinkles and how to get a better skin complexion.

So how can one avoid and get rid of wrinkles? Most women would recommend creams and lotions that promise to get rid of the fine lines and wrinkles on the skin. However addressing the problem of wrinkles goes way beyond creams and lotions.

If you want to avoid wrinkles you need to ensure that you are actually protecting your skin from the elements that can cause wrinkles. Exposure to natural elements such as the sun’s rays and free radicals can lead to the appearance of wrinkles on the skin. There are also unhealthy practices that can speed up and contribute to the appearance of wrinkles.

Here are the three steps to avoid wrinkles.

  1. Protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays by applying sunscreen lotion everyday. Many people believe that sunscreen lotion is only needed when spending time on the beach. This is actually a big mistake and the consequences can be more than just wrinkles but worse skin cancer. Whenever you are bolting out the door whether doing errands, playing outdoor sports or walking a few blocks, you need to have your skin protected against the harmful UV rays from the sun. It’s not just when you are going to the beach and it’s not just when the weather is a sunny day. Every time you are headed out the door make sure that you lather on a sunscreen lotion with an SPF of at least 15. Make sure that you let the lotion set in for about 15 minutes before bolting out of your door.
  2. You should also keep it a habit to moisturise the skin daily. Your skin loses moisture everyday. Argan oil is one of the best skin moisturisers out in the market. Argan oil also has anti aging properties because of its components such as Polyphenols, Vitamin E, Ferulic acid, Carotenoids, essential unsaturated fatty acids and Sterols.
  3. Stay away from stress. Life can become very stressful and stress is another element that damages the skin. Stress actually destroys collagen thus leading to the appearance of wrinkles. You should be able to manage your stress well if you want to avoid wrinkles. There are many ways on how you can manage stress. If you are too stressed out with your work then take a break. You can chat for 5 minutes to one of your colleagues or look back on happy times. You can even sing your heart out. The healthiest would be to exercise regularly. Many of us are guilty of giving a lot of excuses for not exercising. Busy schedule is the most common excuse. If you don’t have time to hit the gym then you should turn to walking. You can walk from your work to your home and vice versa. If it’s too far then you can spare maybe 2 or 3 blocks from your commute and leave it to walking. Use the stairs instead of the elevators. You can also ride your bike.

Follow these 3 tips if you don’t want to see wrinkles yet on your skin.

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