Secrets to Looking and Feeling Younger

Are the years finally taking their toll on your appearance? Not to worry. Aging is a natural process and cannot be stopped, but there are ways to both age and stay in style. No one ever said you had to give up a sense of style or beauty as the years pile on; in fact, there’s no better time to pay a lot more attention to how you look and carry yourself.

You have to start at the most basic level first and that is your health. Apparently, it’s not just about looking young, it’s also about keeping yourself in shape as the years advance.

Dental care
Your teeth have been with you your whole life. If you want to make them stay on for a couple more years, then it’s not the time to slack off in dental care. Floss daily and don’t skip out on brushing three times a day. Also, studies support a strong link between the conditions of both your teeth and heart. Bacteria have the ability to enter the bloodstream through your gums, and then travel to your heart causing serious or even life-threatening problems. So brushing your teeth regularly may lead to a longer life.

Go on a healthy diet
This cannot be overemphasized. A balanced diet is recommended. Your meals should always include the three food groups! Also load up on your fruits and vegetables. The more colored and leafy your fruits and vegetables are, the better. These are rich in antioxidants and other nutrients that’ll keep you protected from free radicals which cause havoc in the body. The culinary Argan oil alone is a powerhouse against free radicals and cellular damage. Eating and drinking healthily have positive effects on your hair and skin, and not least your sense of well-being.

Protect your skin
Don’t just use any old sunscreen off the shelf, the best choice for sunscreen contains moisturizer and needs an SPF of at least 30 to be effective. Before going outdoors, you can significantly reduce your chances of developing skin cancer by applying sunscreen. To help treat any damage brought about by UV rays on your skin, apply a healthy dose of the cosmetic Argan oil directly on commonly exposed skin areas before you sleep. Your body heals and repairs itself at night as you sleep, so applying the oil before bedtime will make it even more effective!

Carpe diem
Seriously, you can actually speed up aging when you spend your time stressing over how much the years have changed you, and you’ll find that stressing over how old you are is extremely counterproductive. Focus on other things in life that give you satisfaction. Smiling, though underrated and deemed cliché, is a great way to prevent frown lines and wrinkles. And this will restore a youthful glow to your face.

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