Serve Yourself a Plateful of Antiaging Ingredients

Eating The Right Kinds Of Food Are Important To Keep Yourself Young Looking
Have you been wondering what else you can do to hold off for a little bit longer the effects of aging on your skin? Have you been spending your hard earned money on various creams and potions that claim to keep your skin looking young but you end up with frustrating results? Many have been tricked into buying anti-aging products that are not effective at all. Your bestv guard against marketing hypes is knowledge. You have to know what ingredients are actually effective in fighting skin aging. Did you know that you can get anti-aging ingredients from the food we eat? There are certain food types that are ripe with anti-aging ingredients. Before you shell out hundreds or even thousands of dollars in a celebrity-endorsed anti-aging cream or potion you should shop for food groups that will not only feed your hunger and give the nourishment that you need but will also stave the effects of aging on your skin.

Anti-aging Nutrients

  • Selenium is an important anti aging mineral. Just what does it do to slow down skin aging? It activates the body’s antioxidant enzymes that slow down the process of aging. Not only is Selenium great for slowing down aging it also has anti-inflammatory and anticarcinogenic properties.Which food groups are packed with Selenium? Brazil nuts, whole grains, sunflower seeds, oysters, tuna, herring, swordfish, shrimp, chicken and turkey are just some of the food that are rich in Selenium. You should however remember to not overload with Selenium. Too much Selenium can lead to diarrhea, bad breath and hair loss. The RDA for Selenium currently is about 70 micrograms however about 55 micrograms is enough. 55 micrograms is about 2 cups of brown rice or 6 ounces of chicken breast without the skin and bones.
  • Vitamin F is yet another antiaging mineral. You may be not too familiar with Vitamin F as it is popularly referred to as the essential fatty acids or EFAs. Vitamin F is made up of two nutrients which are the Linoleic acid and Alpha Linoleic acid and categorised as Omega 3 and Omega 6 Vitamin F promotes youthful looking skin and supports healthy hair growth.Argan oil is packed with Vitamin F and other nutrients that the skin needs such as Vitamin E, Squalene and Phenols. You can use the Argan oil as drizzle on your salads, grilled fish or meat to take advantage of its nutrients. This oil is actually very popular these days in the market as both culinary and cosmetic oil. Other sources of EFAS are pecans, peanuts, almonds, berry, tuna, salmon, trout, sardines, cod and mackerel.
  • Ellagic acid will keep your skin looking young by keeping it firm. The ellagic acid is not only believed to be a potent cancer fighting ingredient but a recent study conducted gave out results that it also protects the elastic fibers keeping the skin’s structure from damaging enzymes. The skin’s firmness is therefore maintained.Raspberries, pomegranates, strawberries and pecans are packed with ellagic acid.