Should Teens Be Concerned about Skin Aging?

The subject anti-aging and anti-aging tips is popular among adults while teens rarely even touch the subject. The truth of the matter is keeping a youthful and vibrant looking skin starts with healthy habits practiced at a young age.

So teenage years is actually the ideal stage for one to have a control of how graceful their skin would age. If you are still young and in your hay days, you should start following a hygiene routine as well as a healthy diet to keep your skin looking healthy, vibrant and youthful now and in the years to come.

The Natural Aging Process

It is important that one gets a good understanding of the natural aging process before starting on an anti-aging routine. You should understand that there are just some things that you have no control over skin aging. Since skin aging is a natural biological process, you should not expect that you can put a stop on wrinkles, fine lines and age spots from creeping in on your skin. You can obnly delay the onset of signs of skin aging but in due time they would start taking over your skin no matter how good your skin care routine or how potent your anti-aging product may be.

Factors Involved in Skin Aging

There are also various factors that determine how fast your skin would age. These factors are in two categories. First are those that you have no control over and the second category are those that you have control over. Your genes as well as the elements are major players in skin aging. You may have inherited some skin conditions which can batter the skin. Over time exposure to the sun’s ultra violet rays as well as dry and polluted atmosphere can ramp up the process of skin aging. As time passes by all of these factors will contribute in making the surface of your skin rougher and thinning out the layers of internal skin cells which lead to the sagging of the skin and the appearance of signs of skin aging. So what can you do? Now that you are still in your teens, you should start following a healthy diet and avoid exposing your skin to harsh elements. By following these two tips you’d be able to at least slow down the onset of skin aging.

Photo Aging

Teens expose themselves under the heat of the sun more often. In fact the ADA (American Academy of Dermatology) stated that about 80% of exposure to the sun happens by the age of 18 years. Although you would not see the effects of your exposure under the sun instantly, constant exposure would trigger early skin aging. Your best weapon to avoid early photo aging is to always lather on sun protection.

Sun protection should be a daily habit and so should be moisturising the skin. A great skin moisturiser is the Moroccan Argan oil. Not only is this oil packed with nutrients with moisturising properties, it also comes with antioxidants which protect the skin from the harsh effects of ultra violet rays and free radicals.

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