Should You Choose Cosmeceuticals or Natural Beauty Products?

Natural Beauty Products Are Better Compared To Other Kinds Of Products

One can safely say that beauty and youth are two of the most earliest and persisting obsessions of our kind. During ancient times, our earliest civilizations had their very own beauty concoctions and potions meant to target the effects of aging. Various mixtures, compounds and rituals were also used as a way of cleansing, beautifying and changing one’s appearance to enhance beauty.

The beauty industry stands strong up to this date and although a lot has changed in the modern cosmetic and beauty industry much have stayed the same. The modern beauty industry is still heavily about products that help enhance one’s appearance and beauty. We have millions of different skin care products such as lotions and creams and other beauty products like dyes, make-up, perfumes and a lot more.

Perhaps one can say that the latest buzz in the beauty industry is cosmeceuticals. The term is a marriage between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Cosmeceutical products are designed to keep the beauty and health of skin as well as maintain its youthfulness. These products are loaded with certain ingredients having restorative effects such as antioxidants, AHAs or Alpha Hydroxy Acids , retinoids, lightening agents and botanicals or plant extracts. These products are formulated by scientists however cosmeceutical companies have strongly stated that their products are made with natural ingredients. It is however important to note that health authorities have no strict or mandatory reviews of cosmeceuticals.

A Note of Precaution
Many will and can attest to the effectiveness of cosmeceutical products. But one should still take precautions when buying any beauty product no matter how popular it is. We all have learned that many beauty products that are already household names globally contain toxic ingredients and several of these ingredients are suspected to cause cancer and with some already linked to cancer. It may be wise to note that there aren’t many studies and tests done on the ingredients in cosmeceuticals yet and its effects on our health.

Natural Beautifiers
Many essential oils such as the Moroccan Argan oil also have potent beauty benefits because of the nutrients they hold. The Argan oil for example is loaded with antioxidants, Vitamin E, essential fatty acids and Sterols which all play a role in keeping the skin healthy, youthful and protected from damage. The oil also have wonderful benefits to the hair and nails.

Natural plant extracts are as effective or even more effective than most popularly sold beauty products. In fact most commercial beauty products include one or two or even more plant extracts or essential oils in their ingredients to make their products effective. The good thing about going with natural beauty products is the fact that they come free of any toxic ingredient. The only precaution you would have to take is to make sure that you are not allergic to the plant itself.

So should you go with cosmeceuticals or natural beautifiers? Both do have its beauty benefits. When it comes to safety, natural products score higher since they are nature’s gift and do not have toxic ingredients in them while in the case of cosmeceuticals, not much studies have been done on them. Natural products also come with a cheaper price tag.

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