Should You Shampoo Your Hair Everyday?

Should You Shampoo Or Not Shampoo
Do you shampoo yur hair everyday? If you do, you belong to about 90% of people in the country who does. A century ago, people only washed their hair once a month. I bet you could not imagine anyone practicing this today and I bet you, yourself would refuse to stick with this practice. These days, it is very common for people especially women to give their hair a wash everyday but back in the 1950’s women would only wash their hair once a week and the custom was to have it washed in a salon. No one can deny that keeping your head clean at all times give you that fresh feeling and great smelling hair. But did you know that overwashing your hair can actually harm a healthy head of hair? If you shampoo daily, blow dry your hair regularly and frequently get hair treatments, you would notice that the ends of your hair strands dry up and break easily. They also seem dull looking.

How Often Should You Shampoo

So how often should you give your hair a shampoo? The answer actually depends on how active your scalp is in producing sebum and the texture of your hair. Sebum is the natural oil your scalp produces to keep the hair moisturised and the hair shaft water proof. If your hair is straight, sebum can easily travel down while the opposite is true with curly or coarse hair which is the reason why they tend to be dry. Washing your hair everyday means washing off the sebum that is your hair’s natural moisturiser. Many of us shampoo our hair everyday but did you know that twice a week of shampooing is already enough? If you really are not comfortable sporting a little oilier scalp, you can then use a conditioner instead of a shampoo. For days that we go to the gym and work out, most of us would not miss shampooing our hair. But you can miss actually skip the shampoo if you have already shampooed twice within the week. You can just rinse your hair with water and finish off with a mild conditioner. To minimize hair problems, we suggest using natural shampoos. In this comprehensive guide, we discussed the natural shampoos for your specific hair concerns.

Flaky Scalp and Shampooing

If you suffer from dandruff, you probably are inclined to use shampoo regularly. However many dermatologists actually say that this can worsen your dandruff problem. When you have flakes on your scalp, remember that this is not because your hair or scalp is dirty. Flakes can either be dandruff or psoriasis. When you do shampoo, it is best to first use an anti-dandruff shampoo then after rinsing use the normal shampoo followed up with a mild conditioner.

Moroccan Argan Oil

If you want to keep your scalp and hair healthy, you should regularly use the Moroccan Argan oil. Massage the oil gently to your scalp and hair when showering. The oil is a great hair moisturiser because of its high content of Vitamin E as well as Sterols. It is also packed with essential fatty acids which nourish hair roots and pores.