Show Off Your Gorgeous and Healthy Skin this Summer Season!

Summer is almost here! The days are longer, the waters are inviting and the ambience is fun and relaxing. You probably are planning on camping, playing outdoor sports, swimming and partying with your friends and family. You are simply bursting with excitement. Don’t get too excited and forget about your daily skin care. This is actually the time that you need to pay more attention and caring to your skin.

The summer season brings high energy and excitement. Most people would be outdoors even after the sun has come down and the night sky has crept in and with so many things going around, a lot of people actually forget or just ignore their skin care regimen.

This is the biggest mistake that anyone can do and the consequences are brutal. Fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, breakouts, age spots and a dull complexion are the things that will start showing on your skin if you don’t properly care for it while you are having your summer fun.

This summer make sure that your skin is well cared for with these summer skin care tips.

Summer Skin Care Tips

  1. Don’t bask under the sun or use the tanning bed to get that sexy summer bronze skin! There are so many people who bask in the sun to get their tan or use the tanning bed to achieve that gorgeous bronze tan. Such is not a healthy practice. The sun’s Ultra Violet rays as well as the UV rays from tanning beds will only give you wrinkles and sunspots and worse skin cancer. If you want that bronze tan use a body spray bronzer.
  2. Apply sunscreen lotion to your skin every single day! You probably would be outdoors every single summer day which is why you need to apply sunscreen lotion to your skin daily. Not only are you preventing the skin from having wrinkles and sunspots, you are also avoiding getting skin cancer. Use a sunscreen lotion with an SPF 15 or higher and apply to the skin at least 15 minutes before bolting outdoors. You don’t have to be on the beach to use sunscreen lotion. If you are going out of your house make sure that you have lathered on sunscreen lotion to your hair.
  3. Apply Argan oil to your skin daily! Argan oil is a great skin moisturiser. This Moroccan oil has components that are very beneficial to the skin such as Vitamin E, Sterols, Prostaglandins, essential unsaturated fatty acids, Polyphenols, Carotenoids, Linoleic acid and Ferulic acid. These components make the oil a great moisturiser as well as an effective anti skin aging product.
  4. Avoid consuming too much alcohol. With all the parties happening during summertime you should try and avoid consuming too much alcohol. You should also lay off carbonated and caffeinated beverages as they dry out the skin. Drink plenty of water instead to keep your skin and your body well hydrated.
  5. Sleep well. Sleep would be the last thing that you have on your mind during summertime. But lack of sleep is not only bad for your skin it is bad for your overall health.

Follow these summer skin care tips and you will have a beautiful and healthy skin all summer long!

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