Shower Your Nails with Some Caring this Fall

It’s fun to wear our nails in different designs and colors. But you shouldn’t overdo this fun as your nails can get damaged in the long run. This fall season give your nails the caring they deserve! We have listed some nail care tips here!

Nail Care for the Fall

  • Make sure to coat with ridge fillers or polish the outside of your nails. Doing this offers protection to your manicured nails therefore nail breakage wouldn’t be one of your worries this fall season!
  • Moisturize your cuticles! Constantly applying moisturizer to the cuticle area is essential to prevent peeling and cracking. This cracking and peeling can damage the matrix so it would be wise to not forget about moisturizing the cuticles as well. An excellent choice in nail moisturizers is the Moroccan Argan oil. Packed with Vitamin E, essential fatty acids and Sterols, your cuticles will not only be moisturized, your nails will be strengthened as well!
  • Wear protection when doing house chores! When working with your hands rubber gloves or work gloves can offer great protection to your nails. Whether you’re tending to your garden, washing dishes, doing the laundry or doing carpentry work, gloves can offer a great deal of protection to your nails.
  • Avoid overusing your nails. You may be used to typing using your nails but such habit can actually break your nails. You should practice hitting the keys with the flats of your fingertips. We don’t usually notice that we use our nails almost every day for little tasks such as opening a letter, scratching, removing tapes and many more. All of these little things can eventually take a toll on your nails and weaken them causing breakage or splitting.
  • Keep them trimmed! Many love wearing long nails and they do look sexy. But the downside is the longer your nails are the more prone they become to splitting and breaking. It is best to keep them well-trimmed.
  • Attend to cuts, tears and nail infections immediately. See to it that whenever you get a tear or cut on your cuticles that you immediately attend to them. Clean and disinfect so you would avoid getting an infection that would not only be unsightly but also very painful. Infections can also give your nails a good battering causing long lasting damage!
  • Keep your nail tools clean! It is important that your nail tools such as your clippers, nail file, etc are always clean. Make sure to wash and disinfect them after every use and see to it that you’ve wiped them dry before keeping them in their storage. Your nail tools should only be for your exclusive use.
  • Don’t let Toluene or Formaldehyde touch your nails! Stay very away from nail products with Toluene as well as Formaldehyde as these chemicals are not only harsh to your nails, they can also jeopardize your health!

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