Simple Stress-Busting Moves

These days, many are always stressed out. It’s usually the busy life that we are living that gives many of us stress. All that running around, juggling of tasks and paying attention to numerous things all at once can have its toll on one’s health and mindset.

Learning how to manage stress is important as stress is a normal part of life. You should be able to manage the tension brought about by all your to-dos. When you have too much stress your blood pressure can go really high and your immune system can be compromised making you more prone to illness. And with all the things that are screaming for your attention, this is no time to get sick. And nobody likes getting sick. It leaves you feeling weak and awful. Too much stress can also spell sleep problems.

Here are simple exercises that will quickly dial down your stress level. These exercises can relieve you of any kind of stress. Whether it’s a fleeting stress or a head on full blown type! Not only will you get rid of your stress your health will also be benefited!

Simple Exercises to Relieve Stress

Walk it off!
When you’re feeling nervous and tensed, simply walk it off. Take four steps and inhale while doing so. Take another four steps and breathe out. Do this for at least 3 minutes but if you have more time in your hands, do it longer. Work your way up to six then eight steps with every inhale and exhale.

Sit and be still.
When you need to give yourself a moment, sit down and be still. Let things slow down by sitting on the floor with your back straightened. Make sure that you are sitting in a comfortable position. This will help you find your body’s center once again and refocus your mind. Breathe in for three seconds then breathe out smoothly for three seconds as well. Repeat this breathing exercise for at least 3 minutes.

Stretch your body full on.
When you’re all tensed up and the stress level is up to the neck, give your body a full stretch. Here are body stretching moves you can do to relieve you of that awful tension.

  • Do the Cat-Cow Move
    Grab a chair and sit straight. Have your feet planted flat on the ground. Round up your spine forward to do a cow pose while breathing out then just like a cat, arch your back while breathing in. Do this 5 more times.
  • Side to Side
    Breathe in and breathe out and stretch up your arms straight. As you breathe out, stretch to the right and as you breathe in bring your body back to the centre, give another breathe out whil stretching to the left. Do this 5 more times.
  • Do the Twist
    Bend your arms and bring them to the side, breathe out then move around your torso to your right. Breathe in as you go back tto the centre then twist to your left. Do this 5 more times.

These simple exercises will kick your stress to the curb!

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