Simple Things We Have Ignored

Sometimes, Less Is More

Many people tend to complicate their lives. They want too much of too many things or pay much attention to things that are not really that important. Many of us always tend to think that for things to be better, things must be big, complicated and expensive. Most of the time this is not true.

There are small things that we tend to ignore but they offer us great benefits.

  • Building Bricks Toy – Kids today at a very young age are into video games. Many parents give their kids video games as toys although they are expensive and many of these video games are violent. Because kids are hooked on to the screen of their video games they tend to just sit in one corner, not learn how to socialise and play with other kids and live an inactive life.Instead of video games, give your small children the toys that you have enjoyed in the past such as a set of building brick toy. At a young age, you are helping the cognitive development of the child and as well sparking in them their creativity.
  • The Bicycle – For a time, the bike has been in on almost every kid’s wish list. But with the boom in technology, the bicycle slowly faded into the background. The bicycle is great for children as it allows them to have fun and at the same time exercise.Adults also have ignored the bicycle for a time. Many preferred to ride the fast and shiny cars. But today, the bicycle is coming back. Many are now once again hopping in on their bike saddles and going to places by pedalling.

    The big come back of bicycles is mainly because of people concerned with the environment. We can not deny the fact that our advancements in technology has caused our planet great damage and we are now starting to feel the effects. More and more people have now realised that riding the bike is healthy for our body and our planet. You can save up on gas and avoid getting stuck in traffic when you choose to use the bike as your means of transportation.

  • The Argan Oil – Many people who wanted to have a more youthful and vibrant skin buy expensive products and go through expensive procedures. However there is a non invasive and inexpensive way to achieve a youthful and vibrant skin and that is with Argan oil. The Argan oil is a natural extract from the Argan tree and has been used for a long time by the women of the Berbers in Morocco.This oil helps keep the skin youthful and vibrant because of the nutrients found in the oil. This oil is packed with Vitamin E, essential unsaturated fatty acids, phenols, phenolic acid and carotenes which are all essential nutrients that the skin needs.
  • Writing a letter – You may say, why write a letter when you can write an email. It’s quicker to do so and delivered instantly. Snail mail may take a longer time to reach someone’s mail box but it is more personal. Try doing it once a year.

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