Skin Allergy and Its Devastating Effects

One of the most common types of allergies is skin allergy. Skin allergy most often appears as a rash that becomes visible whenever the skin comes in contact with an allergy causing substance called an allergen. In medical terms, this is called as an allergic contact dermatitis. If it is left untreated effects may become devastating.

Skin allergy and its occurrence vary in how wide it can affect the skin. Allergies in the skin may just affect a specific area or it may affect larger areas and even the entire body. When this happens and no medical attention is given then you might be in trouble.

Here are some of the things that could aggravate skin allergies. Learn and avoid them to steer clear from negative reactions.

  • Soap – it is always better to use mild or soap free cleansers.
  • Humidify – it is important for areas you often stay be humidified. Areas such as your bedroom and office should take priority.
  • Scratching – this makes matters worse. Avoid scratching your affected skin by wearing cotton gloves. This is most helpful when you are sleeping.
  • Keep Hands Clean and Nourished – because your hands come in contact with your skin most often, it is always a good idea to keep it clean and well cared for. Wear protective gloves when handling cleaning solutions and substances. Avoid having your hands be constantly wet as well.
  • Extremes in Temperature – it is good to avoid too hot and too cold air.
  • Avoid the Fragrance – using products that have added fragrances should be avoided. Fragranced soaps, tissue, and feminine necessities should be avoided. Wearing certain colognes and perfumes should also be avoided.


Going to the doctor and finding out for sure what causes your allergies will help you to avoid and treat your skin allergy. There are patches that doctors use to test which allergen causes your rashes. Better known as patch testing, small amount different common allergens are placed in panel in an area of your skin. Whichever area in the panel reacts, then that allergen causes your skin to react. It is advisable then to consult with your doctor as early as you can when you get itchiness and rashes on your skin.


The worst part about skin allergies is the itchiness and the swelling. Rashes are almost always accompanied by these two and relief is difficult to find. Fortunately there is argan oil. Accompanied by many ingredients that help calm down the worst of possible reactions argan oil is also known to have soothing effects to itchy and swelling skin. Not only does it have high contents of vitamin E, it also has rich contents of antioxidants. These help big time in bringing your skin to counteract the reaction it has on a certain allergen.

You see, when you have allergic reactions, you have to take extra care of what you eat and what you do. Be prepared for the worst and have relief measures ready by your side. A bottle of argan oil with extra care not to have other things that could aggravate your allergies will help save countless trips to the doctor.

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