Skin Care After Menopause

Menopausal mood swings are already bad enough. You don’t feel as young. You hate your wrinkles. You get irritated with just about anything that comes your way. Normally, what we do is we go out and try to cool our heads off. Unfortunately, even this so-called refuge of ours may not be a good idea. (Please don’t shoot me! I’m only a messenger!)

Exposure to the sun’s harmful rays is damaging to everyone, whether you’re 6 years old or 50. However, menopausal women are extra vulnerable to sun exposure. As we age, our skin becomes thinner. In the process, we lose our skin’s natural SPF, making us extra sensitive to sun damage.

Some doctors advise the extreme, telling you to avoid sun exposure whenever possible. However, we can’t be on house arrest forever, right? Here are a few tips in case you can’t help but go out and be exposed.

Apply Sunscreen, Rain or Shine

Back when I was still playing tennis, I was always happier whenever the sun’s not out. “Thank you, clouds!” was the thought that went through my head as I went about my drills on the court, free from the icky feeling that often comes from wearing sunscreen. Seeing premature wrinkles on my face just a few years after, however, made me realize how I was so wrong. Whether or not the sun is out, apply your sunscreen. The same old advice applies whether you’ll be out on a walk or inside your car the whole day. Lather up on broad spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30. This will protect you from both UVA and UVB rays that are both damaging to the skin.

Eat Healthy Food and Moisturise Daily

Cell degeneration is one of the reasons why our skin becomes thinner and extra sensitive as we age. Our cells don’t regenerate as fast as they used to. What more if weaker cells fill up their place. Surely the skin would be not in good shape. To avoid this, we must consume and use products that will ensure that our cells are fed with the nutrients they need to perform better. Fruits and vegetables are good sources of nutrients for cell regeneration. Moisturizers from raw seed extracts like Argan oil is another. Also known as the liquid gold, this miracle oil from Morocco does not only trigger cell regeneration. It also protects your skin from environmental damage since it’s packed with antioxidants.

Have Your Skin Checked

Menopausal women are also prone to melasma, a form of hyperpigmentation that’s usually found on the forehead, upper lips, cheeks and chin. Mild melasma may disappear on its own. However, it can be a chronic condition as well. For those with this problem, sun avoidance and sunscreens are a must. Doctors prescribe a combination of prescription retinoids to treat it. For extreme cases, some suggest fractional lasers.

Moles are another skin condition that should be checked annually. New moles can appear up to the age of 40 and some can turn cancerous.

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