Skin Care for the Budget Conscious

Budget Constraints Should Never Hinder You From Having A Fair Skin

It’s true that many expensive skin care products are quality products. This means you really are paying for their guaranteed and visible results. However dermatologists warn that not all expensive skin care products are effective. They add that there are also ways to care for your skin without breaking the bank.

Here are their top practical tips for the budget conscious:

3 Sacred Steps

Never let a day go by without cleansing, toning and moisturizing your face. This is the only way to prevent problems like acne and wrinkles. Why waste money treating these unwanted skin conditions when you have the power to prevent them. Don’t be lazy and religiously do these 3 simple steps in the morning and in the evening.

Yes to Sunscreen!

Another sacred rule you should never break is sunscreen application. Your sunscreen doesn’t have to be expensive. Just make sure it’s broad spectrum and at least SPF 30 and you’re good to go. The cost of applying sunscreen daily is definitely cheaper than the cost of surgery and worse chemoterapy treatments for skin cancer. Protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays can also save you big bucks from anti-aging treatments in the future. Sun exposure causes premature aging and the longer we delay this process, the richer we get.

Multiple Functions

Go for products with multiple functions. One good example is Argan oil. While this may seem a bit expensive compared to other products, it’s multiple functions make up for the cost. Argan oil is not only good for the skin, it is great for the hair and nails too. Come to think of it. Given all its benefits, it will actually save you a lot since you no longer have to spend on several treatments for the hair and nails too. This miracle oil from Morocco has antioxidants that protect our skin, hair and nails from environmental damage. Loaded with vitamins and essential fats, this liquid gold also revitalizes and nourishes.

Moroccan Argan Oil and Anti-aging Benefits

Another great benefit from the Moroccan Argan oil is its ability to cause cell regeneration. In cell regeneration, old cells are replaced with new healthier cells which is the complete opposite of cell degeneration. Those wrinkles, fine lines and sun spots appearing on the skin means the cells have degenerated. To wake up to a younger skin, you’ll need to have new healthier cells. This is where the miracle oil from Morocco steps in. With regular use, you’ll see the difference.