Skin Care: So You Think You’re Practicing Good Skin Habits?

Maintaining A Fair Skin Requires You To Have Proper Health Knowledge

With more women becoming more beauty conscious nowadays, there’s also a proliferation of skin care tips and advice that aim to help them along the way. There are a number of age-old tips that pretty sure many of you are tired of hearing already. Wearing broad spectrum sunscreen is one. But this is a great tip that you should follow no matter how old it sounds to your ears.

However, dermatologists share a number of common bad skin habits most women do because they think it’s good for them. Read on ladies and be shocked!

Habits That Can Actually Harm the Skin

Steering Clear of Oils

Shocked? Pretty sure, many of us are. Knowing that one of the causes of acne is an excess of oil, it makes perfect sense to stay away from any product that will make the skin oilier. Or so many of us thought. Apparently, the skin is not that simple. Applying oil on our faces, experts say, actually promotes lower oil production because our oil glands no longer have to overproduce.

Most essential oils have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties as well that help fight acne. Argan oil, meanwhile, is loaded with essential fatty acids, Vitamin E, and sterols which help keep the skin moisturized. Essential fatty acids are believed to help bring down overproduction of sebum and Argan oil is loaded with EFAs.It is important to note though that there is very little scientific study done on the oil’s effectiveness against acne.The evidence available is anecdotal or based on the people using Argan oil.

Consuming Too Much Dairy Products

While our parents told us to drink milk so we could grow taller, now that we’ve reached our height peak, we may have to slow down on our dairy intake. Dairy products are inflammatory and consuming too much may trigger acne breakouts. Also, refrain from eating more than the dietary requirement of protein. It takes a lot of energy to digest protein. This energy can be used for other skin benefiting factors like cell renewal and collagen production.

Cortisone Dependence

Addiction may also be a proper term. Remember that cortisone is a type of steroid and steroids have addictive qualities. While its initial function is managing inflammation, if used too much, your skin will become dependent and will react if you stop use.

Washing But Not Air Drying Your Make-Up Brushes

You’ve heard this tip a number of times already. Wash your make up brushes. However, the advice usually stops there. Ladies, after washing, you need to air dry them too. Why? Because a moist brush stored in an airtight make up kit to dry is a magnet to bacteria. Imagine them growing in number on your brush. The thought is enough to make you squirm.

Just Drinking Water

Shocked? Remember the age old advice of drinking eight glasses a day? Apparently, drinking is not enough as you lose the water you drink when you pee. Experts say it’s better to eat water. Not literally, silly! Eat foods with high water content like watermelon and cucumber!

So how many habits are you guilty of? Avoid these skin harming habits and start practicing proper skin care now!

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