Skin Care Tips for Acne Prevention and Cure

Acne is one of those skin problems that haunt teenagers. Small papules that affect the face, the back, the chest, and even the neck, acne or pimples are both embarrassing and sometimes painful. Sadly though acne does not necessarily end when teenage years end. There are other factors that cause acne to burst. A lot of other things that bring forth acne scarring as well. So whether you’re a teenager or an adult you should know effective skin care tips for acne prevention and cure. Pass the information to friends and family and help others have lesser acne.

Taking care of your skin

One of the major factors affecting acne and acne scars is one’s skin care routine. The basic principle is to keep your skin clean. Whether it be the skin on your face or the skin on your back, make sure you use mild soap and wash daily. Avoid over doing it though as this is bad for skin too. Maintain a daily regimen of washing your skin two times. One in the morning and probably one in the evening before you retire. Your face most especially need to be washed 2x a day. Exfoliation is also a good way to keep skin clean. Exfoliate about once to 2x a week and get better and healthier skin.

Keeping your skin moisturized

Getting yourself a good moisturizer is always a good idea. Argan oil that comes from Morocco is one of the best. This oil which is all natural contains natural ingredients that help the skin get rid of acne. Argan oil has properties that regulate the production of oil in the body (sebum). So when the body overproduces sebum pimples occur on different parts. The trick then is to regulate sebum production and argan oil does this well. Aside from sebum regulation, argan oil also has anti-inflammatory effects to skin which helps calm down acne. Redness lessens and size reduces. It does not end here though as argan oil goes one step further by preventing acne scars. When acne subsides one gets left with a darker shade of scar which serves as a reminder of acne. This scar may naturally lighten after a while, argan oil makes sure it happens quickly. Argan oil has properties that promote skin regeneration. The faster the skin regenerates the faster these scars are replaced by new skin that does not have darkening.

Having enough rest and avoiding stress

For healthy, young looking, and acne free skin one must learn to channel out stress and to have a good night’s rest. It sounds simple enough, right? But one of the major causes of acne is stress be it in work or in your personal life. Find ways to release stress in a healthy manner. Do yoga or go out for a run. Having at least 7-8 hours of sleep a day also helps to reduce acne. When your body is well rested it is more able to fight of germs and dirt that may cause infections and acne. Get rid of acne scars with these simple tips. Stop living a dreadful acne-filled life and start moving towards a healthier skin. Remember, take care of your skin, keep it moisturized, have enough rest, and avoid stress.