Skin Care Tips for the Winter Season

A lot of people wonder why their skin becomes dry during the coldest season. After all, how can ice cold temperate cause lose of moisture in skin like the hot weather of summer? The answer is due to the sudden drop of humidity in the air. Humidity is the existence of water vapor in the air around us. If the humidity is high it means there is much water vapor in the air. If it is low then there is less water vapor.

When our skin detects high humidity the moisture in the skin dissipates in a much slower rate. However, when humidity is low moisture dissipates faster. This is why we get dry skin even during winter. The temperature is so low that water vapor condenses faster turning to water then to ice.

And we already know what happens when skin gets dry. It loses its natural glow and the skin will have a mark when scratched. In the areas where the skin is thicker like the knees and elbows breaking could occur accompanied by flaking.

Winter Skin Care

To deal with this seasonal problem you will need to start with your bath. You will need to take shorter showers using cold water. This is because hot water drains water from the skin. After the short bath you need to immediately apply gentle cleansers instead of soap. Cleansers will remove dead skin cell allowing your new skin exposure to the surface. After doing this it is now time to apply moisturizer.

Without the dead skin covering the new ones, the moisturizer will be absorbed by the new skin cells. This is great since your new skin will be nourished and hydrated while moisture will be kept locked into the cells longer than before.

It is also important to know what type of skin creams to use. Avoid moisturizers with essential oils like eucalyptus oil and added scents since these can irritate the skin. The worst part is that you may end up applying it to cracked skin which can aggravate it. You should look for oils like coconut, olive or even argan oil. These types of oils can soothe your skin. Also look for key ingredients like vitamin E which can help in keeping moisture into the skin.

Technique is also Crucial

A known technique in applying moisturizers is applying them when your face and body are still damp or a little bit wet. That is why it is recommended to not completely wipe of the water from your skin after a bath. Also apply lotion to your skin when you plan to go out of your house. This will prevent the cold air and wind from draining your skin of moist.

Winter clothing is also important. Be sure to pick the winter clothes with the right material like silk and satin for clothes close to the skin. Wool is out of the question since it can irritate the skin and should only be used as an outer garment.

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