Winter Skin Care

Pay More Attention To Your Skin During The Winter Season

Winter is a season where the skin gets attacked by the cold. With the low humidity of this season, the skin starts to dry out. The dryness could even reach abnormal levels as the temperature drops further.

This can be really bad for people who normally have dry skin. One would need to take extra care of the skin during the coldest season of the year. Dry skin can cause itching making you scratch. Scratching can then make the area thick due to the constant friction. Dry skin will also crack which can open up lesions that can be annoyingly painful.

To protect yourself from these problems here are several winter skin care tips.

Winter Skin Care Tips

Apply Hydrating Gels
Hydrating gels are great primers for facial creams. Not only do they help keep the skin moist, they also help skin regenerate and heal. These gels are packed with skin vitamins that will help you in keeping your skin moist during winter.

Be Active
We are able to get vibrant skin during summer because we do exercises and workouts. This makes your body flush out toxins and circulate nourishments to the body by increasing heart rates and making us drink more fluids. The same is true during winter season. You need to remain active to continue enjoy the benefits of exercising and drinking a lot of fluids.

Bath Essentials
Winter is the time to keep you warm. This is why we normally soak ourselves with hot water when we take a bath. However, hot water dehydrates the skin. This is because the heat causes fluid loss on skin cells. So mix hot water with cold until you get warm water. Also consider a less warm bath if you can take it. This will keep the moisture of your skin intact.

After blotting the skin with a towel, apply essential oil to boost the moisture of your skin. Argan oil is highly recommended for this. It has vitamins and other antioxidants commonly found in moisturizers. So replace your other essential oils with Argan oil when you can.

Get Light Therapy
Light therapy is a good way to boost your skin’s health. You can choose natural which means sunlight or artificial which can be light coming from LED or fluorescent bulbs. The light stimulates collagen, an important protein found in the skin, and expands the blood vessels making the skin look younger.

When our skin is old it becomes dull. However, underneath it is new skin waiting to see the light of day. The best and fastest way to get rid of dead skin cells is to exfoliate. This will expose the new skin making it recipients of the moisturizers that you apply to your skin.

Apply Sunblock
The sun can still be damaging to our skin in winter time. So apply sunblock on your face when you go out. The SPF level is at least 15 to have effective blocking of the UV rays. Also use lip balm with SPF 15 to protect your lips.

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