Skin Changes During Pregnancy!

There Are Lost Of Changes In The Female Body During Pregnancy
Pregancy makes a woman’s hormones go haywire. The sudden change in hormones give way to changes which mostly the skin reflects. Of course not every pregnant woman would deal with the same skin changes but the bottom line is these skin changes can either go the good way or the bad. Check out these most common skin changes in pregnant women. Glowing Skin – Ever heard the saying that pregnant women emanate such glow? Well, this is true for some women and literally the skin shows off the glow. It is usually during the 1st 3 months of pregnancy that this glow happens. This is because at this time the blood flow in the vessels that are right beneath the skin increases therefore some pregnany women have rosy cheeks. During pregnancy, hormones also triggers the release of oil in skin glands which is why that sheen radiance is achieved. If you are experiencing this kind of glow then you are among the luckier expecting moms. So enjoy those compliments that are being thrown at your glowing look. Make sure that you get enough rest and sleep and keep your body hydrated. Keep up your skin care regimen as well. A Really Bad Case of Acne – Some pregnant women are not so fortunate with their skin changes. Instead of getting a glowing skin, some experience a real bad case of acne. This is only normal as there is imbalance in your hormones. It’s like your teenage years happening all over again. To address your acne problem, it is best to consult a dermatologist. It is also best to use organic skin care products that do not contain any harmful ingredients such as the Moroccan Argan oil. Many skin care products out in the market today and even the popular brands contain ingredients that are toxic to the human body which of course will affect the developing baby in the womb. Before letting any skin care product touch your skin, think of your and your baby’s welfare. Check out its ingredients. Some of the harmful chemicals commonly found in beauty products are Parabens, Fragrance, DEA, TEA, MEA and Phthalates. Skin Sensitivity – Some pregnant women would experience getting a lot of rashes. This is only normal and usually these rashes disappear after the last trimester or after giving birth. Some pregnant women develop sensitivity to certain chemicals or ingredients in their skin care products. They are also likely to suffer from heat rashes since pregnancy hormones also affect sweat glands. If your skin becomes sensitive to the skin care products you have been using, you can consult your dermatologist and ask for substitute for the time being. To avoid getting heat rash, it is best to wear comfortable clothing with cotton fabric. Stretch marks – Many pregnant women get these unwelcome stretch marks. To prevent getting them, you can regularly rub Moroccan Argan oil on your belly, thighs, and arms. The oil is packed with Vitamin E which is known to prevent the development of stretch marks. This oil also has essential fatty acids and other antioxidants which help the skin become healthy avoiding the possible breakdown of the skin’s elasticity therefore preventing stretch marks.If you already have stretch marks, regular application of this oil will help make them less noticeable.