Skin Picking Leaves Blemishes

Skin Picking: Are You Guilty of this Skin Sin?

What is your biggest skin sin? Does it happen to be picking at your skin? Many people are actually guilty of this skin sin. With a new year approaching, we hope that you’ll kick this nasty habit and you’ll be surprised just how happier your skin will be when you stop picking at it.

So here are some tips on how you can finally put an end to your picking frenzy once and for all. But first off, let us discuss why people generally do this nasty habit.

Why Do People Pick at Their Skin?

In general, there are two reasons why some people start picking at their skin.

  • It’s a Nervous Habit. Numerous people who pick at their skin don’t even realize that they have this habit. For instances, some people while driving their car, talking over their mobile phone, or simply waiting for someone, constantly pick at their skin without them even realizing that they are doing it. It seems that skin pickers can’t keep their hands (or at least one hand) off their face.Here’s a solution. If you have this habit of picking at your skin, keep your hands occupied. Have something in your hands that you can tinker with such as a toy or a gadget that requires both of your hands to hold it especially at times when you are most likely to be picking at your skin. Perhaps you can install an interesting game in your mobile such as Candy Crush to keep your hands busy. Of course, don’t use your mobile when you’re driving.
  • An Attempt to Get Rid of a Blemish Faster. Some people pick at their skin to get rid of a blemish faster. But the truth is by picking on a blemish, you are just making it linger longer. We cannot always prevent skin breakouts from happening but we do have control on what happens when we get them. A blemish usually lasts 5-7 days. But if you pick on it, you are most likely to get a red or dark scar. And such a scar can lasts for weeks and even months.Perhaps the best solution to stop yourself from picking on a blemish is to understand that it is better for you to leave your blemish alone. Or rather, you can make your skin worse by picking on your blemish. Perhaps you can repeat this thought over and over again every day to yourself especially when you have the urge to start picking on them.

Compulsive and Uncontrollable Picking

Yes, there is such a thing as compulsive and uncontrollable skin picking. This condition is referred to as Dermatillomania. And this can cause severe scarring. If you think that your skin picking has become compulsive and uncontrollable, it is best to go ahead and consult your doctor.

Hopefully, this 2014, you have already kicked this nasty habit already!

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