skin tips for the duration of your pregnancy

How Can I Practice Good Skin Care During My Pregnancy?

You’ve been focused on all aspects of getting ready for your brand new bundle of joy! From the perfect nursery, to having all of the supplies on hand for caring your little one, you’re set and ready to go. While your health and the baby’s health is your number one priority, what about your skin? If you’ve looked and the mirror and noticed a lot of changes in your skin, it may be time to focus on what you can do to get that pregnancy glow.

Daily Skin Care

Frequent flare acne and blemish flare-ups are common during all stages of pregnancy. If you’ve been noticing a lot of breakouts and frequent blackheads, it could be from hormone fluctuations that you’re experiencing from pregnancy. The best way to tackle breakouts is to get on a good skin care routine. Use natural products that don’t contain synthetic surfactants and faux fragrances. Preservatives and other chemicals can actually irritate skin and cause redness, itching and in some cases rash and breakouts. This can wreak havoc on your skin and make your underling acne issue worse. Choose allergy-friendly and fragrance-free cleansers and toners. This makes it a safe experience for both your skin and your baby.

Target Trouble Spots

Areas of redness, breakout locations and patchy, dry skin are some common concerns of pregnant ladies. Use natural products that contain Argan oil and other ingredients that highlight treating specific areas of the face or body. If you have skin conditions that don’t improve with a few weeks by using your favorite products or over the counter treatments, you need to visit your dermatologist or obstetrician to seek further medical treatment.


Get The Best Nutrition

One golden rule that you surely know you should be following throughout your entire pregnancy is eating right. Maybe you’ve taken specific nutrition classes through your local hospital or clinic, or your obstetrician has set up a recommended diet for you to follow. No one is perfect, and the occasional sweet treat or salty snack is what you indulge in to satisfy your craving. The problem is that it can also lead to changes in your skin, especially while you’re pregnant. If you crave something salty or sweet, try to choose natural-based items rather than fast food or junk food. Here are some examples:

-Sliced apples and low-fat caramel dip

-Veggie chips and a light, low-calorie ranch dressing

-Natural corn chips and guacamole

-Unsalted nuts and raisins

Be sure to always drink plenty of water to flush out toxins and stay hydrated. Skin that is hydrated is less likely to develop clogged pores that lead to whiteheads and blackheads.

Choose organic foods that are low in fat and sodium. This can help you satisfy your food cravings, keep the grease away from your skin, and avoid any unnecessary weight gain during your pregnancy.

Moisturize With Argan Oil

Many products are starting to incorporate Argan oil into their skin care lines. Many use natural, plant-based Argan oil to supplement their cleansers and moisturizers, while some are used with Argan oil as their main ingredient to help with skin issues. Cosmetic Argan oil is safe and natural to use while you’re pregnant. It has a pleasant, cleansing smell that helps you relax while you’re using or wearing it. The main goal of Argan oil is to treat dry skin and help the area retain the moisture. This helps to create a protective layer that outlasts other moisture products and skin care services.

If you’re looking to give your skin more vitality and create a beautiful, natural appearance, play close attention to the core ingredient list. Get started today on the road to beautiful skin during your pregnancy and enhance your body’s natural glow.


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