Which Skin habits Improve my look without Makeup?

You might believe that makeup is the saving grace for older women, but these products aren’t always good for you. In fact, many makeup ingredients are outright harmful when they’re used over a long, time period. It’s ideal for you to go without makeup for most of your daily outings.

Don’t panic about the “no makeup” rule because there are several habits to pick up for a beautiful look. Avoid those synthetic ingredients while relying on natural products to bring out your glowing skin.

Avoid These Ingredients

There are about a dozen ingredients used within the makeup industry that are harmful to your skin over time. A few substances to avoid include:

• DMDM hydantoin

• Parabens


• Petrolatum

Scientists have discovered that many of these ingredients can cause cancer when they’re regularly used over the years. Other health effects, such as infertility, have also been observed with these substances.

Makeup use also has other effects, including sagging skin. The weight of daily, foundation coverage slowly pulls at your skin. Sagging appearances and fine lines erupt across your face. Your natural, skin tone may be negatively affected too.

Healthy Skincare Tips

To achieve healthy skin, start with the inside of your body. Drink plenty of water with fruits and vegetables as part of your daily diet. Hydrating the body means that this moisture will also be transferred to the skin, which leads to glowing and youthful appearances.

Groom yourself in other ways, such as:

• Cutting your hair to accent your face

• Professionally cleaning your teeth for a whiter smile

Comb and pluck your eyebrows instead of filling them in. Keep your hands away from your face as you go about your daily duties. All of these tips lead to a healthier face with clear skin in your 50s.

Seek Out Argan Oil

Don’t forget that moisturizing your face must also be a priority. Try argan oil in the morning and evening by using only a few drops on your skin. This essential oil refines your skin in several ways, including:

• Balancing out natural oils on the skin

• Reducing clogged pores

Continue with your argan-oil treatment by adding it into your hair. It’s perfectly designed as a leave-in conditioner, especially at the ends. Because argan oil is naturally derived from a Moroccan nut, this oil will only improve your hair’s appearance. Use it for the hair, skin and nails to see a difference in your beauty regimen.

Follow these tips for the healthiest skin that you’ve ever had. You may be in your 50s or beyond, but it’s possible to rejuvenate the face before any more skin damage occurs. Natural products, including argan oil, are your ticket to a youthful look with health at its core.