Slimming Hairstyles for Curly Locks

Just like clothes, you can utilize your hair to your advantage. Do you want to look fuller or slimmer? Name it. Your hairstyle can help you do the trick! However, if you have curly hair, looking slimmer through a crown of big, bouncy curls might be a bit of a challenging task. Not to worry. Challenging, yes, but not impossible. Here’s a list of hairstyles you should and should not do if you want to look slimmer.

Slimming Hairstyles for Curly Locks

Long Layers
The trick here is ensuring that your hair is just about the right length. Remember that curly hair, when cut short, will look shorter than it is. And you definitely don’t want your hair looking like a bob if you want to look slimmer. A curly bob will surely highlight the roundness of your face so veer away from cuts to that effect. The right length should be right below your ears and right above your shoulders. This length will give your round face enough coverage.

Do the Bieber Bangs
Yes, you read that right. Bieber’s side swept bangs may just be the hair trick you need to look slimmer. The style can help hide a high forehead and part of a round face. Veer away from full bangs though. A straight-across-your-forehead style of bangs will surely give the illusion of a shorter face, making it look even more plump and rounder! (Noooo!) Yes, I had that same reaction too.

Side Parts are Good
Just like side swept bangs, parting your hair a bit on one side would help veer attention away from the roundness of your face. This stylish but very simple trick will make your face look more elongated.

Loose the Top Volume
The trick is diverting attention from your round cheeks so don’t put any volume of top of your head that will do just that. Make sure the volume of your curls are on their tips and not on their roots.

Moroccan Argan Oil for Great Hair

You strive to look slimmer because you want people to look at you at a positive, more visually appealing light. All the hairstyles I just mentioned will help you do just that if…yes, there’s a big if….your hair is healthy and appealing to begin with. Moisturize regularly with natural products like Argan oil to nourish and strengthen hair. Argan oil is packed with essential oils and minerals that are just great for your locks. Coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil are other good, organic products that you could use to condition your hair.

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