Soak Your Feet in the Goodness of Essential Oils!

A Good Feet Soak Can Relax Your Feet After A Rough Day Of Walking Around
There’s just something about foot soaks that beats even washing your feet with the most expensive soap. Just thinking about soaking your feet for half an hour in warm water covered with rose petals is enough to calm your nerves already. What more if you’re already soaking those tired, overused feet in water that smells of your favorite essential oils. But foot soaks are not all about relaxation. A number of experts say that soaking your feet in water mixed with the right amount of aromatherapy oils may even cure a number of foot-related health problems as well. These claims have yet to be proven though so it’s best to consult your physician first as to what essential oil is best for you.

Argan Oil

This miracle oil from Morocco is great for fighting off wrinkles. Soak your feet in water mixed with this so called liquid gold and you’ll soon be prefering strappy sandals over pumps just to show off your younger looking feet. Getting rid of those unsightly lines isn’t the only benefit from foot soaks with Argan Oil. Do this once or twice a week and you’ll feel your feet getting softer in just less than a month. This oil also helps get rid of those unsightly calluses. Need I say more? Well in fact there is more. The oil will moisturise your cuticles and strengthen your nails! So if you’ve had enough of hangnails and brittle toenails, give your feet a good soaking with Argan oil.

Tea Tree Oil

For problems that’s more on the serious side like athlete’s foot or toenail infections, then tea tree oil may just be the right oil for your foot bath. Tea tree oil can also relieve itch from insect bites so if you were the unlucky one who just happened to step on an anthill, you better grab a bottle of this oil now.


Aside from essential oils, you can also put vinegar on your foot bath. I know…I know. It might not smell as good but if you’re having a serious case of plantar warts on your feet then I don’t think you can afford to be choosy. Plantar warts are lumps caused by the human papillomavirus. They’re noncancerous so you don’t have to worry. You still have to cure them, though, so better prepare your vinegar foot soak now. Who knows? You just might lose one shoe today. I’m sure you wouldn’t want your prince charming staring at those warts while he returns your glass slipper, right?

Hyrdrogen Peroxide

You might have used hyrdrogen peroxide a couple of times already to disinfect your wounds. This is not its only use though. Pour a small amount on your foot bath and you’ll be getting rid of those fungus-infected toenails of yours soon enough. Fungus can spread to other parts of your feet so better get rid of it now before it gets worse.