Are there Simple Tricks for Soft Hands?

Your hands become rough for a number of reasons. Dryness, manual labor and chemical exposure are all causes for rough and thickened skin. As you grow older, you want to make your hands as soft as possible. Explore the natural ways that you can treat and preserve your hands as the senior years progress.

Lemon’s Magical Touch

Lemons have several nutrients that help the skin’s texture, including:

• Vitamin C for lightening

• Antibacterial elements for cleansing

• Citric acid for tissue softening

Because lemon juice is highly acidic, it makes sense to mix it with rosewater, sugar and other natural substances. You’ll gain its hand-softening effects without irritating the skin. Rub these mixtures into your hands once a week to see a difference in your skin’s texture.

Argan Oil With Sugar Enhancement

Pick up some argan oil that’s in its purest form. Mix it with sugar so that you gain these effects, such as:

• Sugar exfoliating the tough skin

• Argan oil moisturizing the revealed skin

In fact, argan oil can deeply penetrate your skin so that the softness comes through faster than ever. Cover your hands in argan oil at night, and wear gloves. The oil can seep into the tissues for incredibly soft hands.

Egg-Yolk Dip

Eggs give your skin a protein boost that allows the thick tissues to soften up. Use only the yolks with some rosewater and honey. Soaking your hands for about 10 minutes gives the eggs a chance to condition your skin for the better.

Butter And Argan Oil

Mix argan oil and soft butter together so that a paste forms. Cover your hands with the mixture so that these benefits can occur, including:

• Increasing Moisture

• Reducing wrinkles

• Improving elasticity

Rinse off the mixture after about 20 minutes. The butter will eventually melt so wearing the mixture overnight won’t be possible. By combining the fatty acids between argan oil and butter, your skin responds with a soft touch in little time.

Gram Flour

Form a paste of gram flour and water, and rub it onto your hands. This specialized flour has many edges to its granules, which exfoliates your hands. Extra, skin tissue slowly sloughs off the body so that your soft hands can be revealed to the world. Rinse off the gram flour after about 10 minutes of saturation.

Other Skin Tips For Your Hands

Gloves should be your constant companion as you grow into your retirement years. Wear them during cleaning chores, such as dish washing or bathroom tasks, and keep another pair handy at night. Add a variety of natural products to your hands at night so that soft skin is the result, such as:

• Argan oil

• Coconut oil

• Almond oil

You might discover your own beauty tricks for your hands. Share your experiences by adding them to the comment section below. With a little bit of effort, your hands can be as soft as a baby’s skin.