Solutions for After-Gym Skin Problems

Hitting The Gym Is A Great Idea But Make Sure You Take Care Of Post Gym Activities Correctly

A lot of men hit the gym to keep their body fit and healthy. Working out improves your health as well as your looks and it is great that many men are actually finding the time to go on and sweat things out. But working out does bring challenges to the grooming department. This is of course not a reason enough to stop working out. These challenges can be overcome easily! Read on for tips!

  • Dry Skin
    Most men who go to the gym complain of having dry skin. Well the reason lies behind the fact that when it’s gym day, most would take another shower and most men love taking hot showers. Hot water robs the skin of its natural oils. It is best to shower with lukewarm water only and of course moisturise the skin right after stepping out of the shower and patting your skin dry. A great skin moisturiser is the Moroccan Argan oil. This oil is loaded with essential fatty acids and Sterols which both have the ability to lock the moisture in keeping the skin well-hydrated!
  • Rash and Chafing
    Most people who exercise get rash and chafing because of sweat and friction. They can be really painful to deal with but there are certain things you can do to avoid getting them. First off make sure that the clothes you wear when you exercise are made from materials that allow the skin to breathe. Loose fitting cottons and Dri-Fit clothes are the ideal clothing to wear. Also have an anti-chafing gel handy in your bag or gym locker. You can use the gel before working out to prevent your skin from getting chafed or if you already have some chafing apply the gel on the affected area for some relief!
  • Callused Hands and Feet
    You probably know what calluses are. Even if you don’t workout or you don’t have a sport you get calluses in your hands from different activities such as riding a bike or driving a car. Usually having ill fitting shoes and the wrong kind of socks can give your feet calluses. The same with wearing shoes for a long time. Any activity that you do which results to repeated friction between the skin and a hard material or an object can result to calluses. The skin forms these patches of thick skin for protection so that further damage to the skin is avoided.To avoid getting calluses on your feet, wear a soft pair of socks and also be sure that you’re wearing the right kind of shoes for your activity. You might also want to invest in a good pair of gloves for working out. To remedy the calluses you’ll need to apply a moiturising cream every night to your calluses. You can also use the Moroccan Argan oil to treat your calluses. Simply rub the oil on the calluses every night right after you’ve washed your body before bed to soften them. You may also want to soak your tired and callused feet in lukewarm water with a few drops of an essential oil.

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