Solutions for Sensitive Skin and Age-Related Redness

It’s not just wrinkles and age spots that you would have to worry about when you start gaining years. The skin can also become more sensitive which can lead to redness. People who flush easily and those with visible dilated capillaries or those suffering from rosacea may experience heightened redness when they get older.

At Home Solutions

The great news is age-related redness can be remedied or controlled. If you are suffering from this skin issue, it is important that you learn the proper way of caring for your skin. Here are some at home solutions to help address sensitive skin and age-related redness.

  • Gentle is the Keyword
    Only let gentle products touch your skin. You can tell if a moisturiser or cleanser is too strong for your skin is when your skin starts feeling a stinging sensation when using it. You should immediately switch to a gentler product. You may think that you haven’t had a problem with the product for years but you need to understand that when you get older the skin thins out which is why it becomes more sensitive.Products with retinoids, AHAs or BHAS may have been your skin’s best friend in the past but it may not be anymore as these ingredients can be a little too strong. It may be more ideal to go for gentler products packed with antioxidants instead. The Moroccan Argan oil is a great choice since it comes with numerous antioxidants such as Vitamin E, Carotenoids, Polyphenols and Ferulic acid. Dermatologists advise the use of products formulated for rosacea even if you don’t have this skin condition. Lastly see to it that you be gentle when handling your skin. Don’t scrub, don’t pick and don’t be rough especially in super sensitive areas like the skin under the eyes.
  • Daily Sun Protection
    It is important to practice daily sun protection habits. Avoid being out too long under the sun especially between 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. as the sun’s UV rays are at its strongest at these hours. The application of sunscreen daily is a must. Whether you’re just going outdoors for a short time or just be inside your car driving, you’ll need to apply sunscreen. Make it a daily habit no matter what the weather or season may be.
  • Solutions from the Doctors
    You can also seek the help of doctor’s to address age-related redness and age-related sensitivity of your skin. Dermatologists usually prescribe medications to help ease the skin’s redness. The medication may either be topical or oral. Some skin doctors also make use of certain laser treatments that target blood vessels to bring down redness. Don’t waste your laser therapy by forgetting to apply sunscreen lotion every day.

If you are suffering from sensitive skin and age-related redness, these tips can help you care better for your skin. There are several other women suffering from these skin issues. Share these tips around by simply clicking on the “Like” or “Share” button.

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