Solve Hair Issues with Natural Ingredients from Your Kitchen!

It can be said that a high percentage of women spend a lot of time and money for beauty. When it comes to this department women are considered the experts. But recent studies revealed that many women were not aware of the toxic chemicals in the beauty products they have been using. Even until today some women still do not know this dangerous fact.

Most beauty products sold in the market are laden with toxic chemicals. Many of these chemicals have been linked to cause different types of cancer and other serious health conditions. The best way to avoid exposing yourself from these harmful chemicals is by using natural ingredients. You may even have heaps of these natural ingredients stacked inside your kitchen cupboard.

If you are having hair issues, here are some natural alternatives that you can use.

Natural Beauty Solutions for Your Locks

  • Lemon and Milk to Condition HairYes, many hair conditioners come with toxic ingredients too! But don’t feel that you won’t be able to wear soft and shiny locks ever again after throwing out your bottles of conditioner after finding out that they have toxic chemicals in them. Your kitchen will come to the rescue. Got milk and lemon in your fridge? Well, these two kitchen items are all you need to get that soft and smooth hair you have been dreaming to wear.Just combine these two ingredients and you’ll have a hair conditioner that will not only give you a silky smooth hair but also will nourish your scalp. If you have damaged hair, mix in egg whites in your lemon and milk conditioner to bring your locks back to health.
  • Tea, Honey and Lemon to Add Shine
    If you have a bad case of dull hair, you can skip driving to the mall or your local drugstore to get a hair care product formulated to give that shine to your locks and most probably you’ll end up with a hair care product filled with harmful ingredients. Instead of heading straight out, go to your kitchen and look for honey, lemon and tea. If you have these items in your cupboard then you’re all set to get that shiny crowning glory.All you need to do is squeeze out the juice from the lemon, make a cup of tea and mix them together and add in honey. After rinsing out your shampoo, apply this mixture to your hair and leave it on. Let your hair dry then brush. Honey will give your hair a wonderful sheen. The lemon juice will do the same and at the same time condition your hair. The tea will cleanse your hair and scalp and remove the greasiness of your locks without drying up your hair.

The best thing about using natural ingredients is that they do not have any toxic ingredients in them that are usually present in most commercial hair care products. Natural ingredients from your kitchen are also very effective.

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