Some Hairstyle Dos and Don’ts

It is normal for women to undergo hair glory and hair boo-boos in their lifetime. As much as you want to don the perfect hairstyle each time, there are just times when you miss the spot.

But do not despair, women nowadays are more careful in selecting hair trends. Thanks to the enlightenment that the internet and fashion magazines bring, the ladies are more aware of the specific hair styles that suit them. And it is not just about the style, hair maintenance is also very essential in keeping your hair healthy and beautiful.

With all the chemicals and various hair treatments, your hair is more susceptible to damage, hair fall or hair loss. So to make your hair presentable and healthy at all times, know these hairstyle dos and don’ts and remember them before doing anything drastic to your crowning glory.

  • Make sure that your hair complements your complexion. If you have very fair skin and blue eyes, a too-dark hair color like jet black will look too harsh and wash out your best assets. If you want to have a darker hair color, opt for dark brown instead since it augments your features rather than washing them out.
  • If you want to wear quirky hair accessories, choose those which are proportional to the size of your head. It should just be subtle because big accessories tend to drown out your head. Also, make sure that your hair is well-groomed before putting on the accessories.
  • If you have curly hair, keep your curls shiny and defined by using hair conditioner and moisturizer. Since your hair can have the tendency to get frizzy, apply the moisturizer, such as Argan oil, after taking a bath. Scrunch your curls with your hands and let it dry naturally.
  • Since the decade of fluffy hair has long been gone, avoid putting too much volume on your hair. If you want to achieve a volumed look, you can put some attention to your bangs. Make your bangs look elegant and chic by applying some styling cream and quickly drying it. Brush it down then run your fingers through it to get a stylish wave.
  • You can experiment with different textures by making them look natural than forced. Avoid two different textures at the top of your head if you do not wish to look like a Halloween character.
  • If you are fond of using different hair styling products and experimenting with hair dyes frequently, make sure that you also hydrate and nourish your hair on a regular basis. This keeps your hair from getting damaged due to chemical exposure. Over-processed hair tends to be dry, frizzy and prone to breakage. One good hair moisturizer is Argan oil. Since this is all-natural and enriched with essential fatty acids and antioxidants, it keeps hair moisturized with regular use. It can also repair damage and prevent hair fall.
  • If you have short hair, do not let it run loose or leave it lifeless. Short hair can look quite chic when maintained properly. Use hair mousse or serum to style your hair and give it some life.

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