Sporting Rough and Dry Elbows?

Dry Elbows Can Be Another Sign Of Improper Hydration

There are certain skin areas that are prone to becoming dry. Check your elbows and see if they are dry. Many of us would probably see that they are very dry and even look scaly already. Not many of us pay attention to our elbows since well, we don’t see them often when we look in the mirror but dry elbows can be unpleasant to look at and they can feel rough to the touch. This can even weigh down on someone’s confidence. So what do you do about dry and chapped elbows?

What Causes Dry and Rough Elbows

When the colder months hit or when humidity goes down, rough and dry elbows can be rampant. It is also very common for elbows to have a darker colour when they are dry. So what makes your elbows all dry, rough and scaly? You’ll notice that compared to other skin areas, the elbow part is thicker. If you are wondering why, the reason is pretty simple. The thicker skin texture is meant to protect the elbow bone from injury. Its thickness is the key to understanding why the elbow area gets drier and loses moisture faster than any other skin area once humidity drops. Another culprit in having rough elbows is our habit of leaning them on all sorts of surfaces.

Is There a Solution for Dry and Rough Elbows?

Do not despair if you have dry, rough, scaly and dark elbows as having such is not the end of the world. Plus of course you can get your smooth elbows back in no time. So what should you do?

  • Exfoliate – Get rid of the dead skin cells in your skin’s surface. This is the very first step. By doing this, you’re allowing new and smoother skin cells to be revealed. Once you’ve scrubbed away dead skin cells on the surface, your moisturiser can soften the area thoroughly. You can either use an exfoliating body scrub or a loofah and a moisturising scrub. It is best to choose scrubs without alcohol in its ingredients as alcohol dries up the skin. Exfoliate at least once or twice a week
  • Moisturise – Your rough elbows need some serious moisturising. Moisturise using the Moroccan Argan oil! This oil is packed with nutrients having intense moisturising properties such as Vitamin E, essential fatty acids and Sterols. Even people with eczema and psoriasis are using it to keep their skin from drying out. Not only will Argan oil moisturise your skin, it will also keep it healthy and protected from free-radical damage. Wondering why? The oil is packed with numerous antioxidants! Moisturise your skin daily and after a few days you’ll wake up to a smoother and softer skin in your elbow area!

To prevent rough and dry elbows from haunting you again, exfoliate and moisturise regularly. You should also avoid leaning your elbows onto surfaces. If you’re still having the same issue or you’re not seeing any improvement at all, you might want to pay a dermatologist a visit as you may have eczema or psoriasis behind your rough and dry elbows. The dermatologist may recommend you with stronger medications.