Spray Tans: Not Safe???

Spray Tan, Like Other Things, Are Not Good In Large Amounts

First, skin experts advise us not to expose ourselves to the sun. Second, they gave tanning beds a thumbs-down as well. Now, they’re saying spray tans may also be unsafe??? Where’s justice in this world?!!!

Yes my pale-skinned friends, recent studies show that the DHA found in spray tans may actually alter our genes and cause cancer. While there have been no studies on humans yet, results of new research show that DHA has an effect on the genes of bacteria and animal cells. On top of this, new studies are debunking previous claims that DHA found in spray tans do not penetrate the skin as it binds itself on top of our dead skin cells. Experts admit more research needs to be done but clarifies these new findings are already enough to make them wary of spray tans.

Not for Consumption
Manufacturers of spray tans used to claim that DHA is so safe you can eat it. Indeed, there are DHA chemicals that are food-grade like the ones used in infant formula. However, DHA in spray tans is different. DHA in tanning sprays stand for Dihydroxyacetaone while DHA in infant formula is for Docosahexaenoic acide. Same abbreviation but two very different chemicals.

Lotions Over Spray
Both tanning lotions and sprays have DHA as their active ingredients. Experts, however, say sprays may pose additional health risks as it could be inhaled and absorbed into our bloodstream. Lotions may be a safer bet but again, doctors remain concerned. As mentioned, new studies show that 11 percent of DHA applied to the skin actually penetrates beyond dead skin cells.

How to Minimise Risk
If getting a tan is the only thing that will make you happy, then maybe you could use goggles and nose plugs to minimize risk of inhalation. Experts advise that you bring your own goggles and nose plugs if you’re going to a professional for a spray. Recent survey shows that 9 out 12 salons admitted not being equipped with these tools.

Moroccan Argan Oil
Another way to minimize risk is to use additional skin care products to protect your skin. Sunscreen is a must as well as moisturizers. A study found that DHA can increase the number of free radicals so experts advise the use of products with antioxidants. The latest product that is currently getting attention for its antioxidant level is Argan oil. Known as the miracle oil from Morocco, Argan oil can help your body manage free radicals by preventing them from stealing from healthy cells. These antioxidants in Argan oil neutralise free radicals before they can do any damage.