Spring Hairstyles: 3 Must-Try Hair Colors for Spring

Choosing The Right Hair Color Can Bring More Beauty Out

Although some parts of the United States are still feeling the chill, it is officially spring time. So with the spring season already here, it is time for a fresh start. So get started on reorganizing your home, getting your new wardrobes ready, and repairing your winter-damaged skin. A great  way to kick off the new season is by wearing a new hairstyle. There are plenty of spring hairstyles to choose from but the easiest way to update your hairdo is by changing its color. We have listed down a few of the must-wear hair shade for the spring!

Must-Try Hair Colors for Spring

1. Bright Blondes
Bright blondes would be a hot color for this season. The monochromatic blonde like that of Cate Blanchett’s will be one of the most sought-after shade according to Joel Warren, the master colorist and co-founder of Warren Tricomi Salons. Although bright blondes go usually well with lighter skin tones, it does not mean that those with darker skin complexion can’t pull this shade off. Warren believes that any color can work on anyone no matter what their skin color is, as long as it is done right.

2. Honey Hues for Dark Blondes or Light Brown Hair
If you are going for a more natural color for your dark blond or light brown hair, then go for a honey hue with rooty dimension. Cara Delevingne of Anna Karenina is rocking the honey hue so well especially with a soft scattering of highlights which creates depth at the roots. To get this soft graduation of color, most hairstylists make use of the Balayage technique. The Balayage technique is a French hair coloring technique developed back in the 70’s. By using the Balayage technique, you’ll have depth at the roots fading into lighter tips and at the same time you get this soft haze between the shades. Matrix Celebrity Hair Stylist, George Papanikolas refer to this as “Glamorous Roots”.

3. Get Bold and Red
What’s that old saying about red-heads? They are fiery! And this season it’s all about firing it up. Spring hairstyles are anything but subtle. They draw attention. So go bold and go red and when you go red, go for a bright hue. Christina Hendricks is rocking the bold red hair color. So when you go red, you can go for a shade with a copper of blue undertones. If you are going for more vibrance, the blue undertone will nail it for you.

So, are you ready to kickstart your spring season? Get kicking by wearing your hair in a new shade!

Do you know of other spring hairstyles and must-try hair colors for this season? Share your ideas with us!

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