Sticking to a Skin Care Routine While Traveling

Travelling Doesn'T Need To Hamper Your Skin Care Routine

A lot of people know the value of taking care of their skin and have a routine they keep for their skin’s health. Unfortunately though, most skin care routines get tossed out the window when traveling. Why? Because skin products are heavy and hard to pack. Not only these, some containers may spill or break when inside the luggage so most travelers forget about their skin care regimen while traveling. This is a big NO, NO.

The skin needs care every day. No excuses, no ifs and buts. And despite stricter TSA regulations on bringing in liquids and gels, and contents of carry-on bags, your skin still needs to stick to its skin care routine.

Here’s how:

  • Keep those samples. Sample packs are perfect when traveling. They come in small amounts and spill proof containers. These are lighter, easier to pack, and less likely to spill. Ask for samples when purchasing your regular sized skin products and keep them first but be aware of their expiration.
  • Multi-tasking skin care products are one of the best ways to keep your skin care routine while traveling. Products such as argan oil are perfect for traveling as you can use it to moisturize your hair, skin, and nails. Having just 1 moisturizer to use for your whole body is a lot easier to pack than taking different creams and solutions.
  • A convenient travel set may be the solution. Your preferred beauty line could carry travel sets that are TSA approved. They come in small bottles that are safe to bring on your carry-on luggage. They are convenient to bring and use on your trip.
  • Invest on simple small containers. These travel sized containers are available at drugstores. Purchase and transfer just the right amount of products onto each container. This maybe time consuming but it is the least expensive way for you to bring important skin care products when traveling.
  • Bring your vitamins with your. Skin care doesn’t just mean application of creams and lotions. Intake of essential vitamins is also important for your skin care regimen. So pack just the right amount of vitamins when you travel. You don’t have to bring one whole bottle for a 3 day trip!

Remember these:

  • Have children’s sunscreen when traveling with kids. They are not only gentle for your kids but for adults as well.
  • Bring baby wipes with you when you travel. Washing your hands or cleaning your skin and face may not be as easy when traveling. Baby wipes are an easy alternative to that.
  • Never carry full sized skin care products in your carry-on luggage as they are sure to be thrown out!

Skin care regimen may be adhered to even when traveling. These simple skin care tips will help you do just that. Remember, when planning for a trip, also plan for what you really need to bring. A whole suite case of clothes maybe narrowed down and a little space for your skin care regimen products may be given some priority because keeping to a skin care regimen is definitely possible when traveling.

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