Still Don’t Have a Halloween Costume? Here are Some Ideas!

Halloween is just a few hours away and if you haven’t gotten around shopping for your Halloween costume, here are some easy Halloween costumes to consider so you won’t have to go to your Halloween party feeling out of place.

Easy Halloween Costumes

When adults have their Halloween party, anything goes. Not all costumes should be gory and scary. You may come looking like a famous celebrity or wear something funny and witty.

For couples

  • John Lennon and Yoko Ono
    Remember that famous bed peace protest of John Lennon and Yoko Ono? You and your partner can do this stint as your Halloween costume. You don’t need to bring with you a bed but if you insist on the bed, bring away. All you need is a couple of white bathrobes and 2 white papers with the lettering saying “BED PEACE” and “HAIRPEACE”! Bring with you a roll of tape so you can stick these papers on the wall behind where you’re seated at or if you brought a bed, stick the papers on the bed’s head board or the wall behind it. Mess up your hair to complete that bed hair look and hold up the peace sign!
  • Hippie Couple
    You don’t really need much when you want to dress up like a hippie couple. Bring out your accessories such as beads, peace sign necklace, bangles and rings. Head accessories are of course a must. You can just have a thin piece of knotted together cloth tied around your head or any thin piece of clothing would do. Gold would be a good color as well. Mess up your hair and put on your sunnies to complete the hippie look. Dress and boots are excellent for the ladies and for the men, pants and long-sleeved shirt or polo and even a plain t-shirt topped with a vest are the usual options. For the shoes, boots or a pair of slippers would do for the guys. But both men and women can go barefoot as well!

Going Solo?

  • Be an Iron Chef
    For this costume all you need is a chef’s hat plus an iron. Yes, the home appliance! If you insist on completing the chef look then you can go ahead and wear a chef’s uniform plus the chef’s hat. If you don’t have a chef’s uniform, you can do away with an apron and a chef’s hat. Don’t forget to carry your iron with you to the party and hold on to it!
  • Gold Digger
    Now this would create a stir and a big laugh from your friends! Just dress up nicely and wear all the jewelry you have. You can also buy toy golden jewelry to wear. Make sure that the jewelry you’re wearing spells over the top. Then grab a shovel, which you could also wrap in gold wrapping paper and bring it along with you. You are a screaming gold digger and this would surely make your friends laugh!

No need to fret if you don’t have a costume yet for your Halloween party.

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