Still Skipping Sunscreen? SPF Excuses Busted!

Although it is a well known fact that wearing SPF is much needed to keep skin healthy and beautiful, a lot of people still do not wear sunscreen. Why? There are a lot of reasons why people opt not to put on sunscreen before leaving their homes despite the knowledge that SPF will help deter skin cancer and premature aging. Let’s look into these excuses.


1st Excuse: Sunscreens have chemicals that are more dangerous than actual sun exposure.

Some people say that sunscreens have ingredients that are cancer-causing. This is untrue. Sunscreens have been tested and retested to protect the skin from the sun and prevent skin cancer and not the other way around. Look into good brands of sunscreens for best results. If you’re still feeling iffy about sunscreens, look into natural sunscreens such as argan oil. 100% argan oil from Morocco is an all natural product that keeps skin healthy and protects the skin from the sun. Because it is all natural, you wouldn’t have to worry about added solutions and chemicals.

2nd Excuse: It’s annoying to reapply sunscreen.

It is all in the mind. Really. Reapplication of the sunscreen is faster than make-up retouching which you often do at work. It’s faster than a cigarette break and easier than fixing your hair. 3 minutes every 2-3 hours is not a lot of work when you think about saving your skin from skin cancer.

3rd Excuse: My skin is already naturally dark.

Unfortunately, skin cancer is color blind. Regardless of your skin color and skin tone, overexposure to the harmful rays of the sun can damage your skin. This is the reason why everyone is encouraged to use sunscreens religiously.

4th Excuse: The tan look makes me look a lot better.

It is true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Unfortunately, when you make your skin look tan through sun exposure or through tanning salons, your skin also becomes dry and wilted. The tanner your skin gets, the dryer it also becomes. Your skin becomes dehydrated and is subjected to premature aging. So it is not true that the “tan” makes skin more attractive. Looking at tanned skin more closely will reveal damaged, ugly skin.

5th Excuse: I have never been sunburned yet.

A silly excuse a lot of people use. This excuse is the equivalent of “I have never been in a car accident that is why I don’t need seatbelts”. Just like in cars, safety measures are also needed for the skin. And although you have never been sunburned before it does not mean that your skin is not being damaged by the sun. You may not notice it yet but in a few years time you could be seeing unwanted results of unprotected sun exposure – wrinkles and dry skin are just 2 common effects.

These are the most common excuses people give to convince themselves that SPF protection is not necessary. They have now been busted! Use sunscreens and protect your skin from the harsh sunlight!

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