Tips for Strengthening Brittle Nails

Are you constantly breaking nails? If you have brittle and cracked nails almost every day, there’s a root cause to this issue. It’s critical to take care of your nails and surrounding cuticles. It’s time learn more about brittle nails and how to strengthen them. With just a few changes to your daily habits, you’ll have stronger and more beautiful nails that complement your features.

Moisturize With Argan Oil

Several issues occur as you grow into your senior years, including: • Nails decline in thickness • Dehydration leads to cracking Every evening, apply argan oil to your nails and entire hands. Pull on gloves afterward, and go to sleep. The oil has a chance to absorb into your tissues during this resting period. You’ll awaken with moisturized nails that are stronger than before.

Balance Your Diet

As you enter your 50s, the body needs more nutrients than ever to keep up with the aging process. Eat a balanced diet so that your brittle nails gain some strength. Look for foods rich in these nutrients, such as: • Lean protein • Calcium Both of these nutrients offer tissue strength to the nails. They’ll be distributed throughout the body as you consume them on a regular basis. Tofu, lean chicken and dairy products are perfect foods to add to your diet. Proper Diet Is Essential For Our Health

Examine Your Medications

You may be at a loss for why your nails are so brittle. The answer might lie with your medications. Take a look at their side effects. If dehydration is part of the medication’s effects, your nails may be responding to that detail. Ask your doctor about switching to an alternative drug. You can continue to moisturize with argan oil and eat a balanced diet, but the current medication will still take away from your efforts.

Wear Gloves During Chores

Certain chores can damage your nails, including: • Washing the dishes • Polishing the furniture • Waxing the car During any chore that requires chemicals or cleansers, wear rubber gloves. These chemicals won’t touch your nails, and they’ll remain strong as a result. The lack of water on your nails will also help during daily, dishwashing chores. Saturating your nails can often lead to breaks and cracks at times.

File Those Nails

Tiny, nail imperfections catch on any items around the house, from your skirt to the sofa upholstery. File and cut your nails down to a short length. Without any rough edges to your nails, they won’t catch on anything and tear. Brittle nails often come from hands that are simply neglected.

Keep chemicals away from your nails and moisturize them on a regular basis. Do you have any other beauty tricks for the nails? Be sure to share them in the comment section below. Every woman wants beautiful hands to show off to their loved ones.