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Natural Solutions for Brittle Nails

Taking a bath and doing chores that involve water are daily habits of mature women everywhere. Did you know that over exposure to water may cause your nails to become brittle?

It’s a fact that brittle nails can be the result of excessive moisture and stress on the hands. Have you ever experienced symptoms of brittle nails? 

Exploring this subject is the best way to combat the symptoms if they ever arise. This article will provide you with everything that you’ll need to know about brittle nails. 

Let’s start out with what brittle nails are in the first place. Create a healthy plan for your hands after learning all about these details.

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What are Brittle Nails?

Brittle nails are defined by peeling, cracking or splitting conditions. They’re weak under normal conditions, such as scratching an itch or writing a letter.

The characteristics of brittle nails include these features, such as:


Unusual colors that range from yellow to brownish red can appear on the nails, depending on the level of weakness. The discoloration stems from the damage on the nail itself and underneath along the nail bed.


Brittle nails break down in a number of ways. Tearing, chipping, peeling and scaling might be occurring.

The amount of damage that you see determines the severity of the condition.

Loosening From the Nail Bed

Severe cases are often defined as damaged nails pulling away from the nail bed. Pain is typically part of this scenario.

Do you know what the signs and symptoms are of brittle nails? Learn more about these telltale signs so that you can avoid damaged nails as much as possible:

White Lines

Horizontal lines on the nails, especially around the tips, indicate weakness. The nail has been bent in that area, and it will probably crack at that spot in little time.

Soft Nails

If the nails are easy to bend by touching them at the tips, brittle nails may be an issue. Healthy nails should be hard and only a little flexible.

Dry Conditions

The nails might have scaling from tissue falling away from the area. Brittle nails are the result of chronic dryness.

You know what to look out for when it comes to brittle nails. Are you curious about the main causes too? 

Continue on with a primer about brittle-nail causal factors. Many of these issues are externally controlled.


Main Causes of Brittle Nails

There are many different causes for brittle nails. Let’s take a look at each one so that you’re always aware of potential issues.

Applying Fake Nails

Those acrylic nails are absolutely gorgeous, but leaving them on for too long creates brittle nails. Wear the acrylics for a few weeks, and promptly remove them.

The nail bed needs to breathe. Being exposed to the fresh air allows the tissue to balance out its oils. 

Acrylics tend to suffocate the nail bed, which leads to cracked and peeling nails.

Dipping Your Hands in Water

Too much moisture on your nails, such as dish washing and showering, creates brittle nails.

If you must perform a lot of manual labor, wear gloves during the efforts. They’ll protect the nails.

Excessive Nail-Polish Remover Use

The chemicals within nail polish are incredibly harsh for the human body, including the nails. Look for a remover that’s for sensitive people, especially without acetone.

Try to let the nails go without color at times. The nail bed will thank you.

Improper Buffing or Filing

People may be concerned about aesthetically pleasing nails, but they’re filing them to a brittle end.

Be sure to file or buff in only one direction. Creating a back-and-forth motion on the nail will only lead to cracking or peeling.

Using the Nails as Tools

Tapping on a smartphone or opening up a can with your nails can lead to brittle conditions. Use other tools for these activities.

The human nail wasn’t designed to be an everyday tool.

Suffering From Nutrient Deficiencies

Some people might lack vitamin B or iron in their diets. The results are brittle nails until the deficiency is addressed.

Lack of Moisturizers

You’re always told to wash your hands to avoid germs, but you’re also contributing to brittle nails. Ideally, add a lotion to the hands after every washing.

The nails absorb the lotion with every application.

Improper Nail-Polish Application

Using a base coat or leaving your polish on for too long are both risk factors for brittle nails. If you must add color to your nails, apply ample amounts of lotion to the hands before the service.

The lotion fills in tissue gaps so that dryness isn’t so severe.

Cutting Those Cuticles

There’s no need to cut your cuticles or the skin that surrounds the nail. Let the cuticle remain in place because it nourishes your nails.

Push the cuticles back if they’re unsightly on the nails. Bacteria and other microbes can infiltrate cut cuticles, and brittle nails can be the result.

Underlying Disease

Kidney and lung diseases are just two of the ailments that can bring on brittle nails. A thyroid issue can also be at play.

If there’s a chronic issue with the nails, discussing the concerns with a doctor is a smart move. 

You now know the causes of brittle nails, so what are the solutions? Read on to learn all about the natural products that can treat brittle nails.


Natural Products to Treat Brittle Nails

Did you know that many essential oils are the solutions to your brittle nails? Your nails can absorb nutrients just as readily as the skin.

Take a close look at the oils that work wonders on your nails, such as:

  • Tea tree
  • Olive
  • Argan
  • Coconut
  • Vitamin E
  • Carrot
  • Lemon

Find these oils at your local beauty store as pure products. They’re often mixed with other ingredients too.

You typically want an oil that has a single ingredient, however. It will be in its purest form, which leads to better results on the nails. 

Did you notice that argan oil is part of this list? It has the nutrients necessary to treat your brittle nails. 

Within argan oil is vitamin E. This nourishing substance is key to strong nails. Here’s our in-depth guide to argan oil.

What other benefits does argan oil possess? Look at the exhaustive list below, such as:

  • Readily absorbing into the nail bed
  • Long-lasting moisture
  • Nongreasy sensation
  • Plant-based nutrients

The best way to apply argan oil is by wearing it overnight on your hands. Simply cover the skin and nails with comfortable gloves.

Do you want a basic recipe to get you started with your argan-oil treatment? Follow the steps as carefully as possible:

DIY Argan-Oil Mixture for Brittle Nails

  • 1 teaspoon argan oil
  • 4 drops carrot oil
  • Several drops lemon oil

Mix these ingredients together in a small, dropper bottle. Apply the mixture to your nails before bedtime.

Severely damaged nails should be treated more than once a day. Consider morning and afternoon applications along with the evening routine. 

You should see some improvement over the next few days. 

Essential oils are as natural as you can get when it comes to treating brittle nails. You’ve probably seen advertisements for supplements too. 

Explore the supplemental side to caring for your nails. There can be a viable solution in these nutrient-dense products.


Supplements for Brittle Nails

Your nails rely on the body’s nutrient reserves in order to remain healthy and strong. Did you know that supplementation is a helpful way to improve the brittle-nail issue?

In layman’s terms, supplements are merely nutrient-packed pills that you take on a regular basis. With the help of medical science, these pills are formulated with just the right nutrients to combat certain issues. 

Most experts agree that biotin is a particular nutrient that directly influences nail health. This nutrient deals with cellular growth. 

Biotin works at the cellular level so that the cells can replicate at a normal pace. Without biotin’s influence, the cells may not operate at peak efficiency. 

What does that mean for your nails? Cellular growth means that the nails can generate new tissue, which strengthens the nail bed. 

Find these supplements at almost any health or drug store. A daily supplement of this nutrient alone can help you attain strong nails.

An Alternative to Think About

In a perfect world, everyone would gain every nutrient possible from their daily meals. This scenario isn’t a reality, however.

Popping a biotin supplement won’t fix every woman’s concern over brittle nails. Many women should consider a multivitamin. 

A multivitamin offers the body a range of different nutrients so that you can fill in the gaps from a typical diet. Rounding out your nutrient intake may be all that’s necessary to fight off brittle nails. 

Improve your nail health by quantifying what you’re eating each day too. Try a food app that provides a log for all of your meals. 

Be honest about your meal logging. The app should give you a snapshot of your nutrient intake, including:

  • Calorie amounts
  • Vitamin-and-mineral intake
  • Protein, carbohydrate and fat volumes

After about a week, look over your meals and their nutrient totals. Are you missing any key nutrients?

Look for consistent gaps in your diet. Your meals will vary, but the nutrients may offer you a clear pattern. 

Consider supplementation for those nutrient gaps. Along with biotin, basic vitamins may be all that you need to fight off brittle nails. 

Be patient with supplements as the nutrients slowly nourish the body and nails. 

What if you could avoid brittle nails altogether? That’s a goal for many women. 

Explore even further into the world of brittle nails and their natural solutions. Avoiding them in the first place is always a good strategy.


Tips and Tricks to Avoid Brittle Nails

Do you want to avoid brittle nails altogether? There are plenty of tips and tricks that can ward off this beauty frustration.

Follow these suggestions as carefully as possible. Combining them all with a healthy, nail-care routine will only result in beautiful fingers.

Enjoy Wearing Gloves

Life isn’t always about relaxing with a drink on the patio. You’re a hardworking individual with many chores to complete.

These tasks may include water and chemicals. Ideally, wear rubber gloves whenever a harsh task is presented for your hands.

Take a Biotin Supplement

Biotin is directly related to nail health. It offers nutrients that strengthen the nail bed.

Be aware that this suggestion isn’t an immediate fix. Biotin supplements consumed each day will take around six months to show any improvement. 

Combine your supplement use with other solutions, such as argan-oil treatments. The results may be faster in this case.

Let the Nails Breathe

Fans of colorful fingernails will need to add bold hues to other parts of their lives. Letting the nails breathe by not applying any nail polish is ideal.

The tissues have a chance to acclimate to normal conditions. Any drying effects are just from the surrounding environment.

Switch to More Plant-Based Foods

Plant-based foods, from raw vegetables to peanut butter, have dense amounts of nutrients. All of the vitamins and minerals can improve the nails’ health.

Be consistent with your meal lifestyle so that the nails have an ample supply of nutrients.

Get Hydrated

Get rid of those brittle nails by hydrating yourself from the inside. Drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Immerse the Nails in Argan Oil

Add a tablespoon of argan oil to a bowl that can fit all 10 of your fingers. Immerse the nails in the oil for about 10 to 15 minutes.

Dab the oil away with a towel afterward. This intense treatment leaves your nails nourished and ready to heal.


Take Care of Those Nails

  • Put aside 10 or 20 minutes every week so that you can perform this nail-care routine. You’ll notice a big difference in your nail health as a result:
  • Soften up the cuticles by rubbing argan oil or another moisturizer onto the hands.
  • Carefully push the cuticles back with a manicure tool.
  • File the nail tips in one direction.
  • Use manicure scissors for broken nails only. Don’t pick at the cuticle itself.
  • Apply a lotion to the hands and nails afterward.

Taking care of your nails should become a habit as you apply these tips each week. You won’t think too much about performing the tasks after awhile.

Remember that argan oil is a real remedy for brittle nails. It will always offer some form of nutrients to your healing hands.


Do you feel more comfortable about fighting off brittle nails now? In this article, we covered all of the details surrounding healthy nails. Check the infographic below for the summary.


With due diligence, you can take control of your nails’ health. Try these tips today so that chipped nails are no longer a common occurrence.

Have you had any experiences with natural or supplemental solutions when it comes to brittle nails? Share your story in the section below. 

Help other women with their brittle nails by offering your clever tricks. Spreading positive information to the masses will help everyone improve their beauty routines. 


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