Stress and Skin Aging

Many of us are living busy lives. Because of our hectic schedule, we often get stressed out. And when we are stressed out, we think of ways to de-stress. But because our schedule is filled up to the brim, it seems impossible for most of us to even find time for any de-stressing activity. But this hectic schedule is the very root of much of our stress therefore for busy bees like us, de-stressing is so important. But the irony of things does not end here. For those with hectic schedules, de-stressing would mean nudging something off their schedule and after de-stressing many would end up being even more stressed in the end because of the sacrifice done in the schedule. This is indeed a cycle wrapped in stress. You probably even got so worked up reading the word stress over and over again here. When we are stressed out, our skin shows it. You probably are noticing your fine lines and wrinkles are more pronounced ever since your schedule got so hectic. You may even start noticing that your skin is showing more lines and wrinkles at a faster rate. Stress can hasten skin aging and many of us get even more stressed out seeing that our skin is aging way faster than it should. The vicious cycle of stressing out and needing to de-stress is once again in the picture. The good news is we can break away from this cycle and we can even fight skin aging. Here are some ways on how you can relax and take a breather from your hectic life.

Simple Ways to De-stress

  • Rise up ten minutes earlier than your usual waking time. You don’t have to wake up super early than you usually do so you can have some quiet and relaxing time to yourself. In fact, no one wants to wake up that early. But you can at least try and wake up just ten minutes earlier. You can use this 10-minute free time of yours to simply relax your mind. You can sit quietly, listen to the birds chirping or just make a wish. Don’t get your mind wrapped up in what you need to accomplish for the day, just simply empty your mind of your worries.
  • Deep breaths! You’ve probably been told to take a deep breath when stressed out. Doing so actually does a lot of wonders. Take deep breaths as long as you’re comfortable doing so.
  • A five-minute massage will de-stress your body and mind. You can ask a colleague or perhaps your partner to give you a quick massage. Your tensed muscles will be relaxed even with a quick massage.
  • Sing a song. If you can’t sing out loud, just hum a tune that you like and you’ll start feeling de-stressed.
  • Love the skin with Argan oil. If your wrinkles and fine lines are stressing you out, apply Moroccan Argan oil on your skin daily, once in the morning and once before going to bed. You’ll soon see your wrinkles and fine lines fading out and getting less noticeable. You’ll also see that your skin is showing a glowing complexion with regular use of this oil. The oil contains nutrients that cause cell regeneration.