Style Your Hair without Having to Colour or Cut

There Are Different Ways To Improve Your Hairstyles

Women are particular with hairstyles. We love hairstyle makeovers. When you mention having a hairstyle makeover some would automatically think of having a hair cut or hair colour done. Well a change in hairstyle does not always involve these two.

Easy Hairstyle Makeover Tricks!

  • Clip-in Hair Highlighted Extensions – If you don’t want to shell out that much money in a salon to sport a new hair style or if you are not too sure about having highlights in your hair then you can go for the clip-in hair highlighted extension.This hairstyle trick will not cost you that much. In fact this would be under fifty dollars! Since this is just a clip in, you can wear and take out your highlights whenever you want to.
  • Follow Mila Kunis’ Undone Bun – Loose buns are quite sexy. You have seen the gorgeous and sexy Mila Kunis sport a low undone bun and she definitely looked sensational. You can have this look too!You would need a smoothing shine drops to give off that gorgeous shine. Make sure that you wait for your hair to dry before applying the shine. You can get a shine drop for under twenty five dollars and that is definitely cheap!After applying the shine all you need to do is use a paddle brush in brushing your hair then gather your hair into a ponytail but this time have a low loose ponytail. Don’t mind some of your hair falling on the side of your frame. This actually accentuates the look.

    After you have your pony, you can use bobby pins to secure the bun or just twist it around itself. Rough up the bun with your hands for that laid back casual look.

  • Be a Kate – You probably are thinking about her royalty, Kate Duchess of Cambridge but we are talking about another regal beauty and that is Kate Bosworth. Kate Bosworth definitely went regal with her plaited updo hairstyle.Although the plaited updo includes a side braid that recalls more of the bohemian days, it simply looked stunningly classic with Kate. You probably are dying to sport this look. You would first need a texturising cream and scrunch it in your hair. Start parting your hair from temple to temple and braid your hair back to your crown. If you know how to do an inside out French braid then this is exactly what you need to do.Use pins to secure the tip of your braid to the crown of your head. Get the remaining of your hair and do a high ponytail then twist the pony to make a loose bun and secure with bobby pins.

With all that styling, your hair can get damaged. You can give some loving to your hair by deep conditioning with Argan oil. Deep condition at least once every two weeks.

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