Suffering from Dry Skin this Cold Season?

What you need is a skin care routine adjustment if you are suffering from dry skin this winter season. If you are still using your summer skin care routine at this time of the year, STOP right now! Your skin care routine that is not right for the season can be doing more harm to your skin than good.
Here are some tips on how you can take care of your skin during the winter season.

Winterproofing Your Skin

  • Cut it down to one! Cleaning your face must be only done once a day! You may have been doing a daily cleansing of your face during the past seasons but you should cut it down to one when the cold season hits.It is best to wash your face at night time to remove all the dirt, grime or make up that has accumulated on your face. In the morning just simply rinse your face with water. Remember to not use a facial cleanser in the morning when washing your face.
  • No to alcohol based products! Stop using any product that has high level of alcohol. Your toner or astringent may have a high concentration of alcohol and may be the culprit as to why your skin is drying out.During the winter season moisture loss is apparent because of being exposed to two extreme temperatures. Outdoors is freezing while indoors, you have a heating system on. Since you bounce from indoors to outdoors and back and forth, your skin suffers from moisture loss which leads to the skin drying up.
  • Bring back some moisture loving to your skin. You should use a potent moisturiser like the Argan oil during the coldest time of the year. The Argan oil is packed with nutrients that promote healthy and vibrant skin.This oil from Morocco is loaded with Vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids which is good nourishment for the skin. It has high content of Sterols which locks in moisture to the skin. If you want to give some loving to your skin, then moisturise it with Argan oil.

    It is best to apply this oil after stepping out the shower. Pat dry your skin and apply the oil all over your body. You can also use this at night before retiring to bed.

  • Don’t forget about your soles! Apply a foot cream or even the oil from Morocco before going to bed. So that the skin is moisturised deep down, wear socks when you sleep at night.
  • Just lukewarm please! When taking a shower, don’t make your skin suffer by taking a hot one. The hot water will dry out your skin as it attracts moisture when it evaporates. Just stick to short lukewarm showers during the cold season. Hot baths should also be avoided especially long ones as this would also strip away moisture from your skin! If you don’t want dry skin then just have lukewarm and rather quick showers all season long.

These are just some easy ways on how you can winter-proof your skin!

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