Suffering from More Hair Fall? Check Your Hair Care Routine!

If there is one thing that women would not want to lose, it is their crowning glory. This is the reason why many women get so worked up and worried when they start seeing too many of their hair falling out. Although hair loss is usually the problem of men, women can suffer from this hair problem too. The more serious hair loss type is called pattern or androgenic alopecia and men, women and even children are affected by this hair condition. But women (and men) should know that just because they are having more hair fall this doesn’t necessarily point to pattern or androgenic alopecia. If you start seeing more hair on your brush, your pillows or the shower drain than the usual, don’t panic and immediately think pattern or androgenic alopecia as there are other reasons that may be causing this shedding out. Your hair habits may be actually making your hair fall. So give your hair routine a check right now!

Habits That Can Cause More Hair Fall

Are you guilty of these things?
  • Too Many Styles If you love wearing your hair in different styles every single day then you are most likely causing more of your hair to fall. All that twisting, pulling and hair manipulation to do one style and another and another style can be too much for your hair. You probably notice that every time you twist, turn, pull and fiddle with your hair when styling it, you end up with strands of hair on your palms, clothes or even the floor. The best recourse is to stick with one style for a week or until your hair wash day arrives.
  • Too Rough in Detangling Those who are suffering from pattern or androgenic alopecia must have diligence in detangling their locks. But one should be very careful in doing so. When pulling the hair out when detangling be sure to do so from root to tip. Use a gentle brush like Denman. Remember to be very gentle when detangling or your hair loss problem could get worse.
  • Not Washing Hair in Sections Many people who are experiencing hair loss get too afraid to touch their hair. And since it is during shower time that they usually see their hair falling out, some get too afraid of washing the hair. But not washing your locks can lead to other problems and it is just simply unhygienic. The best thing to do when you wash your hair is to wash it by section. Braid or twist your hair in 6 to 8 sections every time you need to wash your hair. You can also let your hair dry out this way.
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