How Can Sugar Cause Premature Skin Aging?

Sunlight damage is normally associated with premature aging because the skin becomes permanently injured by the radiation. However, sugar also plays a role in your aging process. Eating sugary treats on a regular basis actually adds years to your facial features.

Get to know the science behind sugar and your skin. With a few dietary changes, you’ll look and feel younger than before.

Understanding Sugar’s Role

Sugar is a substance that’s necessary in any diet, but its volumes get out of hand. The proteins in your body react on a chemical level with the sugars, which produces advanced glycation end products or AGEs.

These substances roam freely within your body, and they directly impact your skin’s health. You’ll notice a decline in your skin’s elasticity, such as effects on:

• Elastin

• Collagen

Skip The Fried Foods

Fried foods tend to add more starches or sugars to your diet. Researchers believe that fried food also increase your AGE-absorption factor too. Ideally, stick with grilled or raw foods that allow your body to stay on a steady level when it comes to blood-sugar stability.

Try Whole Grains

Breads are sugars disguised as starches. Pick up a loaf of whole grains instead of the refined, white bread. You’ll reduce the aging effects on the skin’s elastin and collagen.

Both of these molecules tend to react like bread when AGEs are present. They’ll harden and crack, which translates into fine lines and wrinkles on your face.

Grab Some Nuts

You just need a sugary snack at some point in the day. Instead of snacking on candy that only spikes your blood-sugar levels, grab some nuts. You’ll feel satisfied without adding to the aging factor across your skin.

Consider Alternative Spices

Pull out the nutmeg and cinnamon when you need to drizzle sugar on a recipe. These spices give you a burst of flavor without a sugar high that only damages the skin.

Pull Out The Fruit

Your body needs the sugar for basic operations. To keep a healthy level of sugars, turn to fruits. Apples, oranges and bananas keep your blood-sugar levels steady while reducing the skin’s aging effects.

Consider an application of argan oil on your skin as you control sugar consumption. It’s a fact that this essential oil improves your skin at the cellular level where elastin and collagen can flourish. A few dabs of this oil on your skin each night can make a world of difference as you fight the signs of aging.

It’s difficult to say no to that sugary treat. To help others in their quest for youthful skin, share your story below in the comment section. One piece of advice may be all that’s needed to help another mature woman through their fight with aging skin.