Tackling Skin Rashes At Home!

There Different Thing That You Need To Know About Skin Rashes


Just what is a rash? A rash is a physical change in the skin that can be a change in color, texture, or appearance. Skin rashes maybe seen in just one area of the body or may affect all the areas of the skin. When one has skin rashes one may feel pain, discomfort, and itch. Other symptoms may include dryness, swelling, and bumps on the skin maybe felt. Causes of skin rashes are many. Some of which are allergies (maybe to food or pets), plants, bacteria, virus, and sometimes even certain types of clothing. Severe types of skin rashes could be brought on by chicken pox or measles.


It is very important to know what caused the rash to be able to treat it correctly. Ask yourself or the afflicted these simple questions to get a better idea of what caused the rashes.
  • Did you eat anything you are allergic to? You might not know it but the sauce you just tasted could have peanuts as an ingredient. Ask the chef or the waitress.
  • Did you come in contact with anything new? Irritants to your skin could have come in contact with you recently. Trying on new clothing, using a new brand of soap, spraying a new perfume, touching a plant in a friend’s garden, using new make-up – these are just some of the things you need to think about.
  • Are you itching and is the rash spreading? Look into the severity of your skin rash. Severe skin rashes and reactions should be consulted to a doctor right away.
  • Have you been stressed or upset recently? Emotional factors may be changing hormones inside your body which bring about mild skin rashes.
  • Are there any new medications you are taking in? Your rashes could be brought about by an allergic reaction to certain medications.


  • Don’t rub, scrub, and scratch your skin!
  • When bathing, avoid using hot water. Use warm water instead. After your shower pat your skin dry and do not rub.
  • Avoid using soaps. Instead of harsh soaps, use mild cleansers.
  • Stop using newly used products such as lotions and cosmetics.
  • Do not keep affected area enclosed. If you can, leave the affected area exposed to air.


Argan oil is a good skin rash relief. It has components that help to lessen the itchy and uncomfortable feeling that skin rashes bring. Dryness is also a skin rash problem that argan oil easily resolves. A good moisturizer, argan oil keeps skin smooth and hydrated. Inflammation is also something argan oil can resolve. Argan oil’s properties that are rich in antioxidants help lessen inflammation quicker than any other natural remedy. You’ll feel a lot better with a few drops of argan oil. When you are out in a party, at work, or in school, it pays to be prepared for a skin allergy attack. Parents should teach and help prepare their kids especially those who have sensitive skin. Knowing what should not be done, having quick relief measures like a bottle of argan oil, and teaching kids what causes their skin’s reaction could save lives.