Taking Care Of Your Hair With Argan Oil!

Humans by nature are vain. We want to look our best always from head to foot. One of the ways of looking our best is by having a shinning and glowing hair, not only for women but also for men. This is the reason why hair moisturizers and other hair products are popular in the market. People don’t actually know that products like these are one of the reasons why hair becomes dry and damaged. Excessive hair treatments can damage the hair, but these damages can easily be reversed. What does it contain? Argan oil contains several chemical compounds that is not only good for the skin but also to one’s body and hair. One of these chemical compounds is tocopherol or what is widely known as vitamin E. This vitamin helps in the elimination of free radicals that causes cell damage. Argan oil also contains essential fatty acids. This fatty acid is of great help in maintaining the impermeability of the skin as well as keeping it water-proof. Additionally, essential fatty acid is also noted as a necessity in keeping healthy hair and nails. Moreover, it also contains squalane, a compound that is essential in maintaining a moisturize hair and scalp. Argan Oil And The Scalp Argan Oil Does not only contain moisture of the hair, but helps in the wellness of the scalp. As it is known – damaged scalp usually produces damaged or ugly looking hair. Healthy scalp with healthy hair follicles produce great looking hair as well. What do these compounds do in maintaining a beautiful hair? Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant. As mentioned above, this vitamin helps eliminate free radicals and maintains proper blood circulation all throughout the body, including the scalp. When your scalp doesn’t have proper circulation, your hair will not have enough nutrients, thus causing your hair to easily break and abnormal falling hair. This is the reason why vitamin E is one of the key components of keeping you hair healthy and strong. On the other hand, essential fatty acid has a different effect on hair than that of vitamin E. Essential fatty acid is an essential component for hair-regeneration and growth. The most specific essential fatty acid responsible for this is the Omega 3 essential fatty acid. It also nourishes hair from the inside, feeding the follicles to stimulate growth and healthy hair. Lastly, Argan oil contains squalane, a compound that is well known for keeping skin moisturize. It doesn’t only moisturize the skin but also the scalp and the hair. As we all know, our hair already have its natural oil but then, we seldom loss this oil because of external factors like heat of the sun and dirt. Squalane does it job by adding up the natural oil that our scalp already had the keeping our hair healthy and shiny. Why use Argan oil instead of some other hair products? Vitamin E, Squalane and essential fatty acids are just some of the basic components a regular shampoo or conditioner has. The only difference is that Argan oil is obtained by traditional method, which means that Argan oil is all natural unlike other hair products that had been through many chemical processes.