Tame that Frizz! Winterize Your Hair Care Routine

The winter weather can be harsh to your hair. The sudden drop in temperatures can be your hair’s worst enemy. So how do you keep your hair looking great all winter long?

The cold season gives us so many hair problems. Winter weather can mean hat-hair, static electricity, split ends as well as dry and frizzy hair. Some people are not too fond of the winter season because a bad hair day can actually be a bad hair all season long. Don’t be too quick to celebrate if you live in an area experiencing moderate climate. Hair experts say that you are still likely to experience hair problems as the seasons change.

The elements can batter the hair tremendously. It is during the summer and winter seasons that the hair gets the most battering but often things get worse during the cold season because many do not protect the hair as much as they do during the sunny summer days.

Taming Your Frizz

Your hair is bound to get frizzy come winter season especially if you have not winterized your hair care routine. Your wavy hair that once looked amazing in the warmer days can get frizzy fly-aways as soon as the temperature goes south. Hair gets frizzy during the winter season because of sun exposure, indoor heating, the biting winds as well as the snow, rain and cold temperature. Don’t think that the sun is not beating down on your hair just because of the snow and overcast skies. The winter winds can snarl your hair and the snow, rain and freezing temperature can make your hair dry and brittle. Before you know it, you’re wearing a frizzy hair.

It would seem that many factors are conspiring for you to have a bad hair season all winter long. But the great news is you can tame your frizz no matter what’s causing it. The best way to tame your frizzy hair is to use a hair product that has essential fatty acids and humectants. Essential fatty acids keep the hair moisturized while humectants attract and lock in moisture to hair. A great hair product to use is the Moroccan Argan oil. The oil is made up of 80% essential fatty acids and holds Sterols which bring and lock in moisture to hair.

For Thick or Curly African-American Hair

Don’t hate your thick curls or thick heavy hair! You can avoid the frizz by simply giving it a deep conditioning treatment at least once or if you have the time, twice a week. Leave your deep conditioning treatment on for about half an hour but avoid conditioning the area closest to your scalp. These types of hair usually hold oil at the roots which is one of the reasons why the rest of the locks tend to dry out.

The winter season may be harsh to your locks but you have ways to beat the hair-raising factors that winter brings.

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