Tasty Sizzling Beef Salad – Keep Them Coming for Seconds!

This recipe thrusts sirloin beef into the spotlight, a delicious recipe featuring a steak marinated in red chili paste and tomato-based seasoning, creating just the right amount of spice to enhance the flavor. The beef is grilled, sliced into strips, and then topped with your favorite greens, plus fresh papaya and honey-roasted peanuts. It’s the kind of salad you’ll want to have all the time.

It takes approximately twelve minutes to finish this recipe, and this yields about four servings. First off, you’re going to need the following:

  • Beef sirloin steak – twelve ounces and boneless, you’ll need to cut these into strips about an inch to half an inch thick
  • Salt
  • Red chili paste – about one to two tablespoons
  • Lime juice – a third of a cup
  • Cooking oil – three tablespoons
  • Hoisin sauce – two tablespoons
  • Romaine – shredded, six cups of it
  • Papaya – just one medium size would do. Fresh is always better. Peel, take out the seeds and slice the papaya.
  • Honey-roasted peanuts – chopped, just two tablespoons
  • Culinary Argan oil – for drizzling

Take the beef and sprinkle with salt, taking care to lightly cover all its surfaces. Use the red chili paste to spread over one or both sides of the steak (that’s up to your personal preference), and then place the meat strips in a dish, or a plastic bag that can be sealed. Place a cover over the dish or seal the bag and then leave in room temperature and marinate for about half an hour. To really get the flavor in the meat, you could also refrigerate the meat overnight.

Start up your grill, using medium hot coals. If your grill is electric, set it to about 145 degrees Fahrenheit to allow the meat to cook until it’s medium done. Grill the meat without a cover, turning it over once. An alternative to grilling would be to place the steak on a broiler pan and broil just three to four inches from direct heat for twelve to fifteen minutes, ensuring that it doesn’t get cooked beyond medium done. Afterward, allow the meat to cool and then wrap it up. Set this aside for the meantime.

Make the dressing by starting off with lime juice, hoisin sauce, and oil. Place in a glass jar with its own cover, and shake well. Take four chilled plates and arrange the romaine, and then take the steak and slice into thin strips. These strips are what you arrange over the romaine, and then add in the papaya slices. Drizzle the dressing over the steak, sprinkle the chopped peanuts over and you’re ready to serve.

Before taking the steak out to the table, add a drizzle of Argan oil over the beef salad to help enhance its spice. Argan oil tends to turn bitter when heated, so it’ s better if applied right before serving.

Enjoy your sizzling beef salad!

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