Teach Your Children the Importance of Caring for the Skin!

Skin care is something that parents should teach their kids early on. Caring for the skin is not just about looking good. It is actually about being healthy. Many men plus a small percentage of women think that people (mostly women) who care for the skin are just too vain.

In fact there is a stigma (actually a lot of stigmas) attached to many women and some men who religiously care for their skin. They are thought of as being shallow, too self absorbed and narcissistic. Some women would even think that most women who are serious about skin care are just insecure and stupid enough to purchase skin care products. There are even some who would tell you that caring for the skin is not important.

The truth is skin care is very important and you should teach your children the importance of caring for the skin early on.

What to Teach Children about Skin Care

  1. You should first explain to your children the importance of the skin itself. Why is it really necessary to care for the skin? The skin is our first defence against infections as this is the most exposed organ. Without the skin, our muscles and tissues would be exposed to the elements and microorganisms causing infection. The skin protects us from the cold and regulates our body temperature. Without the skin we would definitely not survive.
  2. Use sunscreen lotion daily! The most common mistake practiced today by many families around the world is that sunscreen lotion is only used when headed to the beach or playing outdoor sports. The truth of the matter is, the sun’s UV rays will damage your skin in as little as 10 minutes of unprotected exposure. This would result in premature skin aging, appearances of blemishes and sunspots. Lengthy, unprotected exposure to the sun’s UV rays also leads to skin cancer.So make it a habit that your children use sunscreen lotion every time they are going outdoors. There are sunscreen lotions formulated for kids which will not be harsh on their sensitive skin. Remember to teach your kids to apply sunscreen lotion to the skin at least 15 minutes before rushing outside.
  3. Stay indoors when the sun is high up in the sky. We get Vitamin D that our body needs from sunlight. It is best to catch some sunlight early in the morning when the sun’s UV rays are not too strong. However being under the sun from 10 am in the morning until early afternoon is a bad idea. The sun’s UV rays are too strong at these hours. It is best to stay indoors.
  4. Give moisture back to the skin. Moisturising the skin is very essential. It prevents dry and cracked skin which can lead to irritation and infection when constantly scratched or picked on. It is best to use Argan oil as skin moisturiser. The Argan oil is also a natural plant extract so it is safe to use on sensitive skin.

You should also lead your children to a healthy lifestyle. Give them healthy and balanced meals let them stay physically active and let them get enough sleep. All of these things are healthy for the skin.

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