Teach Your Teen Potent Anti-Acne Routine

When you’re a teenager everything feels like the end of the world. When adults tell teenagers they are being dramatic, most of the time they are usually right. All adults were teens once and they do know how everything feels like the end of the world. They were young once.

Teens and Acne

Teens experience fluctuating hormones which explains why they’re always on the edge. This hormone imbalance also triggers skin issues such as acne, overactive sebaceous glands, dry skin, etc. Just when teens are starting to pay more attention to their appearance (which is also an effect of their surging hormones) these skin problems also start to surface. So what’s a teen to do?

Teens say that being a teenager is tough while many parents know that raising a teen is a tougher and rougher road. Even though teens always want to be left alone and feel like they can manage life on their own, they still need the guidance of their parents. And when they do not know how to handle things anymore on their own they would usually seek the help of their parents. And when it comes to caring for the skin here are a few good advice that you can give your teens.

Teach Your Teens a Good Skin Care Routine

Tell your teen to cleanse the skin at most twice a day. Cleansing of the skin should be done first thing in the morning so that dirt and oil that have accumulated and rested on the skin can be removed. Before heading to bed, it is essential for your teenager to wash off so that dirt, pollution, sweat, oil, grime and or make-up are removed. Get a mild facial cleanser that is suited for your teen’s skin type.

Basics of Cleansing the Face

Teach your teens the basics of cleansing the skin.

  • Hair should not be touching the face. A ponytail or a headband will do the job.
  • Dip a clean wash cloth in warm water and start dabbing the skin gently with it. This is to moisten the skin. Directly washing the face with warm water will also do.
  • The cleanser should cover the face from the hairline up to the area underneath the jaw.
  • Warm water should be used in rinsing.
  • Use a soft towel in patting dry the skin.

Teens and pimples almost always go hand in hand. If you’re teenage years was pimple-free then you are very lucky. There are numerous over-the-counter pimple or acne treatments out in the market. And there are also natural skin care products that can help in keeping the skin clear.

Argan Oil and Acne

The Argan oil has long been believed to help treat skin problems such as acne. This oil has been around for centuries and were used by the Berber tribe in keeping their skin protected from the harsh conditions of the Moroccan desert. Ever since the oil reached the western soil, Argan oil has been receiving tons of praises. It is important to note though that scientific studies on the oil’s effectiveness against acne are lacking. As of the moment, we only have anecdotal evidence at hand.

Teach your teens these tips and it is also best to teach your teens the importance of visiting a dermatologist at least once a year!

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