Teach Your Teens the Proper Way to Care for the Skin

Knowledge About Proper Skin Care Should Begin During Teenage Years

When teens talk about skin care this usually revolves around acne or pimples and how to prevent breakouts. Most girls would talk about how pimple scars can disappear. Skin care for teens should not only be about pimple remedies and preventing pimple breakouts and pimple scarring. You should teach your teenager daughters and sons (yes even boys) how to properly care for their skin.

Basic Skin Care You Should Teach Your Teens

  1. Teach your teenagers to always apply sunscreen lotion every time they plan to leave the house. Teenagers are always out and about. You rarely see them at home when the sun is still up and sometimes even when the sun is not yet up. Teach your teenagers the importance of protecting their skin from the harmful UV rays from the sun. Ultra Violet rays from the sun are actually the leading cause of skin cancer. It is better that they learn the habit of applying sunscreen lotion every time they would leave the house. They would as well be very grateful as sunscreen lotion (with an SPF of at least 15) protects the skin from premature aging.
  2. It is important for your teens to make it a habit to wash their faces twice a day. This is not much of a problem for your daughters but your boys can be very hard headed when it comes to caring for their skin. You may need to limit your daughter’s habitual face cleansing as they tend to overdo it while your boys tend to forget about this basic skin care regimen. Washing the face removes dirt, dust, excess oil and other pollutants that would clog the pores. This would often result to pimples popping up. It is important to teach your teenagers especially your boys to never use soap on their faces. A gentle cleanser is the best option. Teach your teens to make it a habit to wash the face before sleeping and after waking up.
  3. Applying moisturiser should also be made a habit. The skin loses its essential oils and natural moisture through bathing and perspiring. This can lead to dry skin. To avoid this let them use Argan oil at night or after bathing to moisturise their skin. Argan oil has high concentration of Sterols that locks in moisture. Not only is this oil a good moisturiser but also serves as a protection against harmful UV rays and free radicals because of its Ferulic acid and Carotenoids. Its essential unsaturated fatty acids prevent premature skin aging and its high concentration of Vitamin E keeps the skin healthy.
  4. Let them stay on a healthy diet. What you eat matters. Keep your children healthy and with glowing beautiful skin by serving them healthy meals. A balanced diet is very important in keeping the body healthy as well as keeping the skin beautiful. Start them on vegetables and fruits at a young age.
  5. Getting enough sleep is very essential to your teens. However this is the time that many teenagers spend sleepovers which in fact involve less sleeping. Most teenagers stay awake late at night chatting, texting and calling their friends and weekends arrive they tend to have parties. If your teens want beautiful skin they should allow their skin cells to repair which happens in their sleep at night.

Teach your teens the basics of proper skin care now!

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